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Smart Water

Managing water cycles.

Water is a foundation of almost every sector of the global economy be it agricultural, industrial or commercial, making it one of the most valuable resources on earth. With increasing population and climate change, freshwater demand is predicted to exceed supply by 2030. Better management of the worlds water is a vital necessity, and IoT based technology is expected to be a significant part of the solution.

Smart water is more than measuring flow from storage areas to final consumption points, it’s management of every part of the water cycle, from sourcing to treatment to delivery, to consumption and reclamation. Increasing water demand is a global socio-economic and environmental issue that governments and the private sector is working to address. IoT can provide continuous data that allows water managers to measure, communicate, analyse and make decisions that improve the system and the overall smart water cycle.

  • Smart irrigation
  • Flood detection
  • Water quality

See how IoT created these Smart business and environment solutions

Quality Control of
Irrigation Water

Improved crop production with advanced water management

Control Cities
Water Usage

Smart city project controls water usage and waste management

Large Aquarium
Water Monitoring

Large freshwater aquarium goes Smart for water qual- ity control

Other Industries







See Adroit’s services that help build Smart business solutions

Hardware Design

Adroit is able to work with you to create device hardware. These devices constitute the ‘things’ in the Internet of Things. They act as the interface between the physical and digital worlds.

Software Development

Adroit is able to work with you to create software. Our custom software is the part that turns device hardware into a ‘smart’ device. It is the powerhouse driving the concept.

IoT Connectivity

Adroit develops the communication protocols, this connectivity offers many different ways to which your device will exchange information with the rest of the world.

Adroit Platform

Adroit’s platform is based on AWS, and can be customised to meet your needs. The cloud platform is the backbone of your IoT solution. It allows a small product to punch well above it’s weight.

Cloud Applications

Adroit creates Software program’s where cloud-based and local components work together. Remote servers do the hard work, while the User interfaces through an online portal.

UI/UX + Product Design

Adroit solves problems by looking at people and the way we use technology. Our prototyping process lends itself to rapid development of products that is validated through a design process.