Portable Monitoring - Noise

Real-time, wireless, portable environmental monitoring for safe, compliant worksites

Being smarter about how you navigate environmental and health and safety requirements is the best way to avoid costly downtime. The Adroit Portable Monitoring Kit gives you the ultimate on-site visibility, so you have data for better management of health and safety, compliance and complaint mitigation.

Proactive noise (dB) monitoring on worksites helps ensure a safer, healthier environment for your workers and the public. With quick and easy installation your team gains access to real-time data which is visualised on the Adroit App, accessible from any connected device.

Portable noise monitoring key benefits


Quick and easy set-up. Rugged case for
transportation, various mounting options

Real-time monitoring

Get a clear view of the environmental
noise levels from your site activity

Feature rich app
Customisable thresholds and alerts.
Downloadable data and APIs available for integration
Accurate measurements
Highly accurate and factory calibrated sensors measures worksite noise (dB)

Health and safety

Ensure a compliant, healthy and safe worksite for employees, communities and environments

Compliance and complaint mitigation

Historic and real-time data to aid management of compliance and complaint mitigation

How it works noise monitoring

Portable noise monitoring features:

  • Battery life up to 7 work days
    from fully charged
  • Rugged casing IP67 waterproof. (414 x 345 x 129 mm, weight 5.4kg)
  • Charging from AC mains power or can be mains powered
  • Highly accurate sensor measures worksite noise (dB)
  • Sensor measures noise continuously and transmits data to Cloud
  • Mount via 5/8” tripod connection (tripod not included) or optional wall/post mount bracket
  • Suitable usage for all construction,
    civil and worksites
  • Automatic wireless connection via the Spark Cat-M1 network
portable noise monitoring kit on site
portable noise kit in case

Making environmental compliance easier for Dempsey Wood

Dempsey Wood worked with Adroit to develop an environmental IoT solution for their worksites and has implemented three installations, all of which are now successfully reporting data and giving the company confidence in its mitigation systems.

Environmental IoT technology gives Dempsey Wood a good understanding of our site activities from real time data, and this enables us to run a safe and compliant work site for our employees and the wider community.


Platform noise monitoring

Visualise the noise level from your site activity on any connected device.

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