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Our world,
smarter with IoT.

We design and deploy innovative IoT based business solutions, that make your world smarter and more sustainable.

New Zealand owned and operated,
proudly supporting local business.

New Zealand owned and operated proudly supporting local business

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Contactless Fever

Introducing the Adroit Fever Scanner, helping businesses with their COVID response. 

*WHO Report (COVID 19) Feb 2020 based on 55,000 cases in China
Adroit Fever Scanner, helping businesses with their COVID response.

Any device.

Any network.

Total integration.

Deploy and manage complete IoT solutions with Libelium products.

See how IoT created these Smart business and environment solutions

Smart Agriculture

Predictive Control of a Vineyards efficiencies, capacity and cost

Predictive Control
of Vineyards

Gain efficiencies, increase capacity and cost savings

Smart Aquaculture

Smart Fish Farm Ponds and Tanks Water Quality Control

Smart Fish Farm
Water Control

Monitoring water quality in Smart fish farm ponds and tanks

Smart Cities

Airport Passenger Activity Monitoring

Airport Passenger
Activity Monitoring

Enhance passenger experience with activity monitoring at airports

See Adroit’s services that help build Smart business solutions

Adroit Hardware Design Services

Hardware Design

Adroit is able to work with you to create device hardware. These devices constitute the ‘things’ in the Internet of Things. They act as the interface between the physical and digital worlds.
Adroit Software Development Services

Software Development

Adroit is able to work with you to create software. Our custom software is the part that turns device hardware into a ‘smart’ device. It is the powerhouse driving the concept.

Adroit offers complete IoT connectivity

IoT Connectivity

Adroit develops the communication protocols, this connectivity offers many different ways to which your device will exchange information with the rest of the world.
Adroit has a AWS based platform

Adroit Platform

Adroit’s platform is based on AWS, and can be customised to meet your needs. The cloud platform is the backbone of your IoT solution. It allows a small product to punch well above it’s weight.
Cloud Applications and local components work together

Cloud Applications

Adroit creates Software program’s where cloud-based and local components work together. Remote servers do the hard work, while the User interfaces through an online portal.
Adroit solves problems for the User Experience UX

UI/UX + Product Design

Adroit solves problems by looking at people and the way we use technology. Our prototyping process lends itself to rapid development of products that is validated through a design process.