Environmental IoT Monitoring of air, water, soil, weather with real-time data

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Monitoring Noise and Air Quality in Auckland’s CBD

Monitoring Noise and Air Quality in Auckland’s CBD

Adroit has recently completed an installation for Auckland City Council, measuring noise and air quality in specific sites in Queen Street in the CBD. The installation is to provide data to support decisions around urban planning and to provide a benchmark for future improvements.

Environmental Monitoring od Soil, Water, Air and Weather

Environmental IoT monitoring that delivers real-time data to drive transparency, responsibility and sustainability.

Rivers, Streams, Lakes and Water Catchments

Multi-parameter monitoring of freshwater catchments, streams, lakes and rivers including the real-time measurement of nitrate chemicals, dissolved oxygen levels, turbidity, pH, bioindicators and water temperature.

Worksites Including Construction

Environmental worksite monitoring for noise, dust and air contaminants, vibration levels and construction site water run-off monitoring. To aid consent compliance, worksite health & safety and complaint mitigation.

Water Monitoring for Aquaculture Farms

Real-time water monitoring of fresh or saltwater parameters such as temperature, dissolved oxygen and salinity monitoring to aid farm management in reducing resource wastage, optimising production and harvest compliance.

Gardens, Orchards & Vineyards

Real-time monitoring of fertiliser use, water quality, soil moisture, pesticides, temperature and soil compaction, combined with weather monitoring – to reduce environmental impact, improve yield and increase sustainability.

Workshops, Warehouses, Offices & Factories

Indoor air quality monitoring to create safe and healthy workplace environments for employees, aid in compliance, increase motivation and maximise productivity.

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