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We design and deploy wireless real-time monitoring and control solutions, to make your business smarter and more sustainable.

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Our solutions

Rivers and Catchments

Nitrate and multi-parameter monitoring of freshwater streams, rivers and catchments


Noise, dust and vibration monitoring for worksite safety and compliance

Mussel and Oyster Farms

Data buoy salinity monitoring for compliance management

Salmon Farms

Monitoring temperature, dissolved oxygen and salinity for farm management

Offices, Warehouses & Factories

Indoor air quality monitoring for health, safety and increased productivity

Gardens, Orchards & Vineyards

Soil and weather monitoring for improved yields and increased sustainability

Latest blog posts

Your Office Air Can Make You Smarter

Your Office Air Can Make You Smarter

Workplace air quality has long been a point of contention, with that ‘too hot’, ‘too cold’, ‘too stuffy’ argument being a ubiquitous part of modern office politics.
But while these arguments have before seemed trivial, a series of recent reports show that air quality can make your workers less effective at best, and very sick, at worst.

Using IoT Technology to Support Pandemic Response

Using IoT Technology to Support Pandemic Response

Adroit was approached by a US-based tech company to develop the software and a circuit board component for the fever scanner, which integrated with existing off the shelf hardware components to enable speed to market.

Catchment Water Monitoring for the Public Good

Catchment Water Monitoring for the Public Good

Adroit is delighted to be working with Mercury to facilitate real-time water quality monitoring at the Whirinaki catchment in South Waikato. The health of waterways in rural environments has become an urgent issue in recent years. Concern over potential health effects…

Our technology

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Any device.
Any network.
Total integration.

Adroit IoT Platform
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Deploy and manage complete IoT solutions with Libelium products.

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Our Network Partners

Adroit partners with leading network providers to include seamless connectivity as part of our IoT solutions.

See other Adroit services that help build your smart business solution

IoT Solution Consultancy

IoT Solution Consultancy

Choice of connectivity allows devices to work efficiently in your IoT system

IoT Development Services

Development Services

Custom product development to ensure total system efficiencies.

IoT Products

IoT Products

Matching edge equipment to your system requirements.

Adroit IoT Platform

Adroit IoT Platform

Any device. Any network. Total integration.

IoT Network Connectivity

IoT Network Connectivity

Allow devices to work efficiently in your IoT system.

Managed IoT services

Managed Services

Ensure the best performance of your IoT solutions.

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