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Environmental Intelligence

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Environmental Intelligence


Environmental Intelligence is the use of analytics, AI and machine learning applied to real-time environmental data, that identifies trends, insights and drives predictive modeling. Environmental intelligence enables fast, pro-active data-driven decisions that can improve productivity and operational effectiveness. This allows businesses to interact in a positive relationship with the environment to minimise impact and reduce carbon footprint, ensuring both environmental and business sustainability.

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Adroit Smart Post for Easier Environmental Monitoring

Adroit Smart Post for Easier Environmental Monitoring

New Innovative Modular Adroit Smart Post for Easy Monitoring InstallationsThere’s more to a mounting post than meets the eye and the new Smart Post developed by the team at Adroit is an elegant solution to common installation problems. Adroit installations for noise,...

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Worksite Monitoring

Site managers in construction, civil and heavy industry can visualise environmental site data straight from their phone or connected device at anytime. Customisable alerts let the user know when an environmental threshold has been reached, this aids significantly in compliance, mitigation, downtime on site, and providing an healthy and safe worksite for employees and communities.

Geotechnical Monitoring

Real-time, managed monitoring solutions for ground water levels, tilt metering, and vibrating wire for geotechnical applications across a range of industries such as construction, structural and civil engineering, infrastructure, dams and rail.

Portable Monitoring

Quick and easy setup, with rugged case enclosures for transportation. Portable Monitoring Kits give you accurate real-time data for ultimate on-site visibility, so you have data for better management of health and safety, compliance and complaint mitigation.

Water Monitoring

Real-time, managed solutions to accurately measure environmental water parameters across a wide range of use cases and industries, such as freshwater catchments and marine environments, worksites, heavy industry, stormwater and site run off, agriculture, and E. coli monitoring.

Weather Monitoring

The ability to continuously monitor environmental weather parameters in real-time including rainfall, wind direction/speed, humidity, pressure, temperature and solar radiation in a variety of applications, provides data that can assist in critical decision-making and environmental management.

Adroit monthly subscription plans

This worksite monitoring product is available on a fixed monthly subscription of 24, 36 or 48 months. Subscriptions include web/mobile app, training, support, real-time network connectivity, monitoring equipment, installation, maintenance, and removal. All worksite solutions can be customised to client requirements, contact Adroit for more information.