Environmental real-time Monitoring data of air, water, soil, weather
Environmental Monitoring od Soil, Water, Air and Weather

Environmental IoT monitoring that delivers real-time data to drive transparency, responsibility and sustainability.

Adroit Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Adroit Environmental Monitoring solutions deliver accurate, real-time environmental data, visualised on any connected device via the Adroit app. Users can set customisable thresholds and alerts, data is downloadable and API’s are available for integration. Environmental data can aid critical decision making, compliance, mitigation, reporting, and Health & Safety. It can also increase operational efficiencies, sustainability and help reduce resource wastage. 


Environmental Management

Real-time, managed solutions to accurately measure environmental parameters across a wide range of use cases and industries, such as freshwater and marine environments, worksites, construction, heavy industry, stormwater and site run off, agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture.

Worksite Monitoring

Site managers in construction, civil and heavy industry can visualise environmental site data straight from their phone or connected device at anytime. Customisable alerts let the user know when an environmental threshold has been reached, this aids significantly in compliance, mitigation, downtime on site, and providing an healthy and safe worksite for employees and communities.

Water Catchment Monitoring

Accurate real-time environmental water data for freshwater streams/rivers and catchment areas. Use cases include agricultural areas adjacent to water catchments to monitor nitrate run off and on going remedial work. Other typical monitoring parameters include dissolved oxygen, turbidity, TSS, conductivity and pH.

Agriculture and Aquaculture Monitoring

Accurate environmental data for a wide range of marine and soil parameters can aid farm management with critical decision making for harvest times, compliance and optimising production. Environmental data can help sustainability by increasing efficiencies and reducing resource wastage.

PMK portable monitoring kit by Adroit

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