Adroit Platform

Any device.

Any network.

Total integration.

The Adroit Platform sits on highly secure AWS (Amazon Web Services) and provides simple access to your dashboards, alerting and reporting via the web, or mobile device with an easy to use app. Our ready-made tools to navigate data to application integration don’t require years of IoT exper-tise, your business can start small and rapidly move beyond proof of concept to full production and scale. Adroit Platform for your data, identity and end to end solution.

Adroit Platform showing on a Laptop
The Adroit Platform features ultra-reliability, low latency and high data capability

Building intelligent

business solutions

The Adroit Platform features ultra-reliability, low latency and high data capability. Keep your ecosystem secure and your data safe with a robust and proven security model which includes data encryption and TLS protocol for secure communication. The Adroit Platform is commercially ready across a variety of industries and is European GDPR compliant.

How it works

  • Connect and manage a large number of devices
  • Collect and manage large data volumes throughout the lifecycle
  • User management and account auditing
  • Drive automation through real-time data and business logic
  • Protect and comply with security and privacy requirements
  • Develop and integrate custom applications with ease
Weather station Adroit platform page data
Adroit Platform Mobile app
Weather station platform data page
Adroit Platform Data Display Charts

Key features


Low-latency bidirectional communication between devices and the Platform, bulk device registration and (de)provisioning, and near-real-time device monitoring status.


Effective handling of numerous types of devices over multiple types of communication protocols to feed data into the cloud or in-house servers.


Our Platform is tested for availability under the most traffic-intensive work environments, with fault tolerance, efficient failover and disaster recovery solutions.


Encryption of data in transit and at rest, with authentication and authorisation at user and device level with TLS protocol to secure communication. User provisioning and access control lists with audit tracing and trailing, European GPDR compliant.


Customisable dashboards to monitor data in real-time, with a unified systems and processes view. Show devices, groups, geo-fences and other objects on source maps, add layers and enable indoor tracking.

Reports and alerts

Analyse historical data through reports and integrated analytics tools. Set-up alerts and push notifications when certain events or conditions occur at any stage of the system.