Adroit is a Technology Partner and Independent Software Vendor of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network.

As an AWS Technology Partner, Adroit has the capability to deliver Enterprise grade IoT Platform Cloud services as part of a complete IoT solutions offering from a single provider.

AWS partner network

The Adroit Platform

Adroit provides real-time, continuous IoT monitoring solutions for a wide range of applications including environmental water management, aquaculture, agriculture, air quality and soil monitoring. Data from IoT sensors is communicated to the Adroit Platform hosted on AWS. The platform provides device management, dashboarding, reporting, alerting and integration via an API set. Adroit selected AWS as the cloud partner of choice. A key factor in the decision was the AWS Cloud being built based on AWS’s industry-leading vision for IoT enablement. The AWS IoT Core, along with AWS services like Lambda, S3, and EC2, combined with MQTT message transfer, all play an important part in Adroit’s ability to deliver world-class IoT solutions.

We see AWS as one of the main reasons for our ability to scale our IoT solutions, as the customer demand increases we can easily scale up our AWS requirements. This enables Adroit to provide best-in-class solutions and connect IoT devices to the cloud, with ease and security in mind.

Ulrich Frerk

Technical Director, Adroit

Data Platform screen
Dashboard Platform screen
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