Worksite Monitoring

Worksite monitoring for a range of environmental parameters including dust, noise, vibration, gasses, and weather conditions provides data that aids in decision-making, compliance and worksite management. Access to accurate real-time environmental data provides a clear picture of what is happening on a worksite at a given point in time, or over a defined period. The ability to monitor in real-time and receive notifications of threshold alerts can maximise worksite efficiencies, and improve health and safety for employees and surrounding communities. Environmental data can also significantly aid in compliance and complaint mitigation.
With the construction industry and worksites facing increasing challenges, time constraints and compliance responsibilities, environmental data is a valuable tool to ensure worksites remain efficient, operational, and maintain healthy working environments. Data can also be integrated into other industry specific platforms for deeper insights and analytics of your worksite environments.

Worksite monitoring applications include all types and sizes of civil and construction worksites, and a wide range of industrial and heavy industry applications.

Adroit partners with leading IoT technology providers for a range of sensors to enable real-time monitoring of a wide range of environmental worksite parameters. We provide complete managed worksite monitoring solutions which include equipment, network connectivity, cloud IoT platform, training, installation, servicing and nationwide support.

Dempsey Wood Case Study

Adroit has been working with the construction sector to develop solutions to mitigate the negative impact from noise, dust and vibration on worksites.

Dempsey Wood Case Study - worksite monitoring

Christchurch Stadium

The new Christchurch Stadium, Te Kaha is starting to emerge from the ground up. Adroit was engaged to provide noise and vibration monitoring by lead contractor BESIX Watpac.

Christchurch Stadium worksite monitoring

Adroit monthly subscription plans

This worksite monitoring product is available on a fixed monthly subscription of 24, 36 or 48 months. Subscriptions include web/mobile app, training, support, real-time network connectivity, monitoring equipment, installation, maintenance, and removal. All worksite solutions can be customised to client requirements, contact Adroit for more information.

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