Noise and Vibration Monitoring for Christchurch Stadium Construction

The new Christchurch Stadium, Te Kaha is starting to emerge from the ground as foundations are completed and stands begin construction. With a seating capacity of 30,000 for sports events and up to 36,000 spectators for large music events all under a fully enclosed roof, the $683-million state-of-the-art, multi-use arena is the largest project ever undertaken by Christchurch City Council.
Adroit to provide noise and vibration monitoring
Built to replace the previous Lancaster Park in Christchurch, Te Kaha is expected to be transformational for the city, boosting the city’s economy by attracting visitors from New Zealand and around the world. The project is being delivered by the Kotui consortium which is led by Australian-based stadium construction experts, BESIX Watpac, and also includes Christchurch-based construction companies Southbase Construction and Fulton Hogan, local seismic engineering specialists Lewis Bradford, Christchurch architects Warren and Mahoney, and global stadium design experts Populous and Mott MacDonald.
sensors to measure noise and vibration

Noise, Vibration and Weather Monitoring

Adroit was engaged to provide noise and vibration monitoring by lead contractor BESIX Watpac to manage and mitigate potential environmental impacts.

We are very mindful of our neighbours, so it was important to have the technology in place as a precaution

Brian Hayes

Project Director for Construction, BESIX Watpac

Adroit was recommended for the job by project partner RCP, a business that has worked with Adroit monitoring previously on the Dunedin Hospital Project.

BESIX Watpac specified three solar-powered stations – one mobile and two stationary, to monitor the construction site.

Adroit installations utilised sensors to measure noise and vibration – a Libelium data logger transmits data to the Adroit Platform using the Spark Cat-M1 network, where it can be visualised on any connected device. A Gill Instruments, MaxiMet weather station measuring wind speed/direction and rain completes the environmental monitoring solution.

So, why have multiple stations on a site?

“The more sensitive sensors on the fixed platform are located at the perimeter of the project and these primarily focus on residential areas. Then the mobile platform progresses with the various work fronts to monitor vibration and noise effects on adjacent properties.

including a weather station in the installation

Weather Station

Wind can have a significant effect on sound travel and dust. So, including a weather station in the Adroit installation has additional benefits for the Te Kaha Multi-Use Arena project team. “We’ve set it up to monitor wind speed and direction, precipitation, and the like, which comes in use when we’ve got large cranage in wet weather events.
This is useful for various activities on site such as cladding, as understanding the direction of the wind and the forecast for the day helps us plan our activities.
Brian Hayes

Project Director for Construction, BESIX Watpac

Alerts and Reporting

The Adroit team worked with the BESIX Watpac team to set up alerts. “If we receive an alert, we can review it to determine if it was due to someone being quite close to the sensor, or whether it was a result of activities in the area. “We couple that with time-lapse cameras, so if there’s a spike we can review the cameras within proximity of the sensors.” “We’re then able to use this data for compliance and stakeholder reporting,” he says.
the Adroit team are “Super excited to be involved in such a nationally significant project”
Maria McIntyre

South Island Business Development Manager, Adroit

“This is just one of many projects around Otautahi Christchurch being monitored by Adroit environmental IoT technology. It’s fantastic to see further uptake of IoT-based solutions by the construction industry – enabling them to have continuous, real-time visibility of environmental data in these key worksite parameters.

“We are looking forward to watching the new stadium take shape over the coming years,” she said.

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