Environmental Monitoring - Stormwater

Real-time, continuous environmental management and monitoring of stormwater for a wide range of urban and rural industries and applications.
Adroit provides complete managed environmental monitoring solutions which include equipment, network connection, cloud platform, training, installation, servicing and support. The ability to continuously monitor environmental parameters in real-time for seawater such as nitrates, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, TSS, pH levels, conductivity, temp and water depth provides accurate environmental data. This data can assist in critical decision making and aid in the overall management and sustainability of these environments.
Adroit proudly partners with global IoT technology leaders Libelium, In-Situ and Phathom for environmental monitoring of stormwater parameters.

Environmental monitoring key benefits

Feature-rich app

Customisable thresholds and alerts.
Downloadable data and APIs for integration

Real-time monitoring

Get a clear view of a wide range of parameters from your stormwater environments

Increased productivity and cost-efficiencies
Real-time data aids decision making to maximise efficiencies and minimise environmental impact

Accurate measurements

Highly accurate, cost-effective, reliable,
field-proven and factory-calibrated sensors
measure various stormwater parameters

Health and safety

Help ensure a compliant, healthy and safe environment for employees and communities

Compliance and
complaint mitigation

Historic and real-time data to aid management of compliance and complaint mitigation
Environmental Monitoring how it works stormwater
stormwater monitoring system
monitor stormwater

Why monitor stormwater?

Real-time monitoring of stormwater environments can be key in gaining a clear picture of what is happening at any point in time in the water. The ability to monitor and measure stormwater parameters can aid in the management and sustainability of fragile ecosystems and environments.

Monitoring applications

Stormwater environments in a wide variety of urban, rural and industrial applications.
Environmental Monitoring Stormwater

Real-time water monitoring in the Ōtākaro Avon River

Adroit has installed a real-time sensor network in the Ōtākaro Avon River that will give Christchurch City Council an unmatched insight into the water-quality in this important and historical waterway

The key benefit the Council is hoping to see from the introduction of Adroit freshwater monitoring is the ability to see pollution events unfold in real-time, and potentially take preventative action. “Longer term as we do more riparian planting and other waterway enhancing initiatives, we can track the efficacy of those intervention methods and see how we’re doing in real-time with the health of our rivers.



environmental monitoring stormwater platform data
Environmental stormwater monitoring gives your team access to real-time stormwater data which can be visualised on the Adroit App, accessible from any connected device
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