Geotechnical Monitoring - Tiltmeter

Real-time, continuous tilt monitoring for a variety of geotechnical applications.
Adroit provides complete managed environmental monitoring solutions which include equipment, network connection, cloud platform, training, installation, servicing and support. The ability to continuously monitor environmental parameters in real-time like tri-axial tilt, on any type or size of worksite, provides data that can assist in critical decision making and site management. The data can also provide valuable insights to aid compliance and complaint mitigation, and can help ensure the site is a safe and healthy environment for employees and surrounding communities.
Adroit partners with EWS (Australia) as the NZ distributor for the EWS range of innovative telemetry solutions manufactured, tested, and field-proven in Australia and New Zealand’s toughest environments.

Tiltlevel monitoring key benefits

Feature-rich app

Customisable thresholds and alerts.
Downloadable data and APIs for integration

Real-time monitoring
Get a clear picture of tilt on your site at any point in time
Accurate and reliable
Highly accurate, cost-effective, reliable, field proven and factory calibrated sensors measure various parameters
Adaptable installation
Tilt meter monitoring can be a fixed mount or pole mounted
Health and safety

Ensure a compliant, healthy and safe worksite for employees, communities and environments

Compliance and complaint mitigation
Historic and real-time data to aid management of compliance and complaint mitigation
Geotechnical Monitoring Tiltmeter how it works

Tiltmeter monitoring features

  • Long life battery with a minimum of 5 – 10 years
  • Robust build technology suited to harsh NZ environments
  • Highly sensitivity at 0.001 degrees
  • Operates accurately in wide range of environmental conditions. Temp range -20 to 60 ̊C
  • In-built highly accurate tri-axial tilt sensor
  • Tri-axial tilt sensor range +/- 15 degrees
  • Suitable usage for a wide variety of construction, civil and industrial worksites
Tiltmeter Geotechnical Monitoring
tiltlevel sensor

Tilt monitoring common applications

Tilt meters can detect even the smallest changes in slope or tilt, providing early warning of potential hazards such as landslides, sinkholes, or structural instability. This allows for timely action to be taken to mitigate risks and prevent damage. Common applications are geotechnical (construction and slope stability), dam safety monitoring, structural monitoring and a wide range of geotechnical and survey applications.

Tilt meter system data

Visualise the tiltlevel on your site from any connected device

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