The Adroit Platform – building intelligent business solutions

The Adroit Platform features ultra-reliability, low latency and high data capability. Keep your ecosystem secure and your data safe with a robust and proven security model which includes data encryption and TLS protocol for secure communication. The Adroit Platform is commercially ready across a variety of industries and is European GDPR compliant.

Device Connectivity and Edge Processing

Connection support for different devices, data and communication protocols including translation of non-IP enabled and legacy devices (Modbus, Profibus, Profinet, Bluetooth, Z-Wave), plus support for different semantic standards (JSON, Protobuf) and SKD’s in various programming languages. Platform ability to control gateway and file management, edge event processing and troubleshooting, plus local buffering or data loss prevention.

Device Management

Lifecycle management including (de)provisioning, configuration and control, monitoring, and remote firmware and software management. Ability of registry for recognising devices (pre-provisioning), remote device troubleshooting and device simulators. Mass device management features include bulk registration, bulk update schedule and rules definition, plus bulk roll out and monitoring features.

User Management

Complete control and management of a large number of machines, users, groups and roles; authentication and authorisation across a variety of connected platforms with secure and reliable on-boarding. Security and authentication management includes identity creation, access revocation, plus audit and reporting capabilities. Off the shelf permission scheme features role management and access control lines.

Data Management and Collection

Ingestion, storage and management of diverse data from devices and third-party sources (e.g external weather data, road conditions or commodity pricing). Collect and monitor large volumes of data throughout the lifecycle. Storage ability includes structured databases (MySQL) for devices, users and transactions, plus high-performance non-relational databases (Cassandra) for event and telemetry data. Synthetic variables (calculated feed) allow combinations of numerous input sources (e.g. sensor, static and third-party data) into a new feed which acts like a regular one. Data semantics (modelling) includes essential components that allow you to turn device data into intelligence that can be utilised across modules, multiple systems, and applications. Modelling data enables you to define your business logic and create virtual representations of real-world objects or physical systems.

Data Visualisation and Driving Automation

Processing and action management with ability to create Rule Engine – how your system should react to a certain event, or how to handle a piece of data without writing a line of code, and Geofencing – visually defining multiple places of interest for each asset separately and create events whenever assets enter or leave geofence zones. Receive different types of notifications (email, SMS, push notifications) when certain important events occur, or certain conditions are reached in any part of your system. Data visualisation allows you to build and customise operational dashboards to monitor valuable data in real time, gaining a unified view of all processes and systems. Choose different dashboard widgets for live sensor readings, gauges, maps, layouts, notifications, charts, and various types of actuators. Allow devices, groups, routes, geofences, and other objects on the maps that use any source such as Google Maps and OpenStreetMap, add the layers and enable indoor tracking. Ability to analyse historical data through reports and integrated analytical tools.

Integrating Security and Third Party Applications

External interfaces create integrations with legacy software, enterprise solutions, connectivity platforms, cloud services, business reporting and analytical tools. Add new integrations easily with our API’s. Platform to platform integrations with shared device provisioning and data management, support export and import of any system or device to numerous formats. Adroit Platform features authentication and authorisation at both user and device level, encryption of data-in-transit and data-at-rest, and TLS protocol to secure communication. Ability for role-based user provisioning and access control lists, and audit tracing and trailing. Platform certified using some of the most rigorous security assessments, and we maintain strict privacy standards that fully comply with GDPR requirements.