Webinar: How IoT is Monitoring Catchment Water Quality

How IoT is Monitoring Catchment Water Quality

Adroit was delighted to join with Mercury NZ for a highly topical, interactive webinar on catchment water monitoring using IoT technology.

Adroit’s team of Guy Macpherson and Maria McIntyre joined Mercury NZ’s Catchment Sustainability Manager Gavin Williamson, to share how they’re working with the community, councils, and Iwi to better understand Waikato catchment water quality and the importance of the data provided by IoT technology.

Real Time Water Monitoring_Partnerships-Mercury

The health of waterways has become an urgent issue in recent years with studies pointing at potential negative health effects of nitrates and pollution in rivers and aquifers. That, plus the effects of climate change means that there is a need for a greater understanding of the condition of our waterways and what is impacting them on a daily basis.

In the webinar, Guy and Maria were able to describe the technical side of water monitoring and the equipment used, using the case study of an Adroit real-time water monitoring solution in the South Waikato/ Rotorua District, working with Mercury NZ, the Whirinaki Community Group and Waikato Regional Council.

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