Water monitoring IoT system King Salmon farms Marlborough Sounds

Adroit has added another example of cutting edge IoT technology to its portfolio with the installation of an advanced water monitoring solution at New Zealand King Salmon farms in the Marlborough Sounds.

The solution combines Libelium water sensors and equipment with Adroit’s IoT technology platform, plus some locally produced items to create a system that monitors water parameters in real-time, allowing farm management to optimise conditions for healthy fish production.

We’re very excited to have this installation up and running and proving its investment

Ulrich Frerk.

Founder, Adroit

“This is an exciting combination of world’s best tech and some great Kiwi innovation to set a new benchmark for this type of installation in New Zealand,” he said.

distribution rights for leading tech brand Libelium, in New Zealand.

Adroit’s involvement in the project began after making contact with New Zealand King Salmon in early 2020, soon after securing local partnership and distribution rights for leading tech brand Libelium, in New Zealand.

Libelium has a significant track record for solutions in overseas salmon farms such as the Faro Islands and that gave Adroit additional insights they could bring to bear in the installation. This enabled Adroit to put forward a feature-rich fit for purpose solution at a significantly lower cost of ownership than the competition.

This backing along with Adroit’s proven background in building and delivering complex IoT solutions, saw them being awarded the business over a large Canadian-based competitor.

Adroit’s ability to easily add/change sites and equipment and timing the implementation around Covid19 challenges was also highly appreciated and beneficial to the client. Adroit was able to demonstrate that key features such as data export, (which were missing from the competitor solution) were already available on Adroit platform and demonstrated to King Salmon staff via a video session during the sales process.

King Salmon farms water quality monitoring

Being a Kiwi business with Auckland-based sales and support was another key factor in winning the business as most international competitors are based out of Australian or international offices. This, plus Adroit’s broad range of technical capability which provides the option for New Zealand King Salmon into expand to factors outside of water, such as monitoring weather conditions, which was of high interest and potential business value.

We understand the Adroit IoT solution has more than met client expectations and we can’t wait to roll out the solution to more sites in the New Zealand King Salmon operation, Ulrich said.

As a key part of the project implementation, solution design meetings were held, and a detailed solution design document built for client approval.

During this design phase, the client raised issues with their existing solution, including potential equipment weather damage, insufficient flexibility for sensor locations and sensors mountings
As a result of these design issues raised Adroit customised the solution by adding rugged enclosers for the Libelium Plug & Sense controllers to provide additional protection against damage and weather.

rugged enclosers for the Libelium Plug & Sense controllers

Sensor cables were specified with customised longer lengths of 25m and 50m from the French supplier Aqualabo so the sensors could easily be moved around within the farms.

And Adroit designed and locally manufactured custom deployment pipes for the Aqualabo sensors so that they could be protected and secured using deployment roles.

Adroit staff also worked closely with client engineering staff to ensure the site preparations including equipment mountings and power were specific and in place to meet requirements.

Adroit sent a team onsite for two days to work with New Zealand King Salmon staff to complete a sample farm installation to be used as a template for rolling out to the remaining (and future) farm installations.

The installation went extremely well, and the New Zealand King salmon team are extremely satisfied with Adroit and their IoT monitoring solution.

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