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IoT Solutions Consultancy

Choice of connectivity allows devices to work efficiently in your IoT system

Adroit IoT solutions connect devices so they interact and communicate in simple and intuitive ways, anywhere in the world.

Complete IoT Solutions

Technology based solutions utilise multiple products and services. Adroits primary offering is end to end IoT business solutions, we place significant importance on seamless integration of all system components, to ensure we solve your business problems and achieve results.

With our in-house team of developers, engineers and project managers, Adroit can provide a fully managed service. We can take charge of managing, maintaining, and supporting your IoT solution, while you focus on taking care of your core business.

Research and Development

Adroit, and our global technology partners, have a proven track record of developing innovative technology solutions across a broad range of business and industries. Adroit Technical Director, Ulrich Frerk, and his inhouse engineering team take a systematic and staged approach to identify your solution requirements. A strong research and development platform, ability to build hardware and software, and utilisation of potential technology in solution designs, allows Adroit to deploy end to end solutions that work.

Solution Design

Architecting the right solution is the most important step in ensuring that business requirements are met. The solution needs to perform as expected, with any necessary changes implemented as your business grows and develops. Adroit uses inhouse design expertise and input from our global technology partners to address any custom requirements. Solutions are designed against a list of principles and standards including performance, reliability, security, scalability and speed to market.
Beasmart Custom IoT Hardware

Business Engagement Workshop

We understand the capabilities and efficiencies of IoT technology. Our engagement workshops are designed specifically to identify the issues, then develop ideas that generate solutions for your business. Whether your business already has great ideas, or you are building a solution from the ground up, our workshop provides creative structure and technical knowledge to fast-track development. We can create IoT solutions to integrate ideas into current business systems, create end to end solutions , or custom builds to maximise your business or product potential.

Our workshops are immersive and creative based, the primary objective is to understand your business, it’s products, systems and the problems you are experiencing. This key information allows us to develop IoT solutions for your business, including hardware, design, and deployment costs.

Our workshop covers the following core development areas and can be fully customised to individual business needs

Introduction – 30 mins

Focus: IoT education, industry, technology, business benefits

The Problem – 60 mins

Focus: System analysis, problem identification, solution building

Idea Generation – 60 mins

Focus: System requirements, solution building, competition analysis

Technology – 30 mins

Focus: Security, platform, hardware, applications

Data Sharing – 15 mins

Focus: Research, 3rd party sharing, partnerships

Social Implications – 15 mins

Focus: Research, analyse, discuss

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