Portable Environmental Monitoring Kits. Constructions the winner.

Portable Environmental Monitoring Kits ‘a Game Changer’ for Construction.

Adroit has launched a portable real-time, wireless, environmental monitoring kit (PMK) specifically designed for construction, and industrial worksites that provides accurate environmental data to aid in Health & Safety for employees, compliance management and mitigation.
Portable Environmental Monitoring Kits a Game Changer for the Construction sector
With environmental sensors for Dust (Particulate Matter), with Noise and Vibration available early next year, powered by a long-life battery and enclosed in a rugged case, the Adroit PMK puts accurate real-time site data literally in the hands of site managers – meaning environmental impact can be closely controlled, assisting with Health & Safety, complaint mitigations and compliance management processes.

PMK Features include:

  • Dust monitoring: highly accurate optical dust sensors measures Particle Matter (PM1, PM2.5, and PM10).
  • Data transmitted to the Adroit Cloud Platform and visualised via the Adroit app from any connected device.
  • Automatic wireless data connection via the Spark Cat-M1 network
  • Sensor measures continuously and transmits every 15 minutes
  • Batteries provide a minimum of 10 days of operation and include a mains power connection for charging or powering the unit as desired.
  • Rugged IP67 waterproof case.
  • Quick and easy set-up. Tripod and wall mounting options.
PMK portable dust monitoring features

Why is Portable a game changer?

All modern building sites, quarries, construction/deconstruction sites, roading and others require the contractor to closely monitor and manage their environmental impact. Failure to effectively manage environmental factors can result in a site being shut down by a local authority until remediation.

In the past, even a complaint by a neighbour or other party could result in a temporary shut-down while a monitor was brought in to test the site. Now, with the Adroit PMK, a contractor can monitor the site in real-time, receive alerts of potential consent breaches, and remediate as required, with the aim to prevent complaints altogether.

With the Adroit PMK, data can be shared across entire work teams as required, so that different contractors can see the impact of their activities on the overall project, and operate within specific thresholds.

Being portable also means that the Adroit PMK can be easily moved around the site as required, so the sensor can be placed where machinery is operating, or where mitigation is most important – on a shared boundary for example, or according to wind direction.

The Adroit PMK can avoid project delays and help ensure worker Health & Safety on site.

portable environmental monitoring kits (PMK) by adroit

The Adroit PMK helps take the guesswork out of worksite environmental management.

Benefits of the Adroit PMK
  • Ensure a healthy and safe worksite for employees, communities and environments
  • Visualise the dust level from your site activity on any connected device
  • Customisable thresholds and alerts. Downloadable data and APIs for integration
  • Historic and real-time data to aid management of compliance and complaint mitigation
  • Fully mobile, so it can be repositioned as wind changes or the focus of site activity moves.

The Adroit PMK was developed to provide important data in one of New Zealand’s most challenging worksites, where worker personal safety was of paramount importance. This tricky worksite did not allow mains power and being indoors, solar was not an option. The Adroit PMK allowed dust monitoring where no other sensor solution was possible. Read the case study: Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Project in Christchurch NZ

What Our Customers Are Saying about the Adroit PMK

The Adroit real-time data is awesome, as you can log in at any time and see how your work may be affecting air quality.

Health-wise, this was really helpful for providing on-demand reassurance to our workers who are in these environments every day – they want to know that their work environment is a healthy place to be.

Jen Dransfield

Health & Safety Advisor, Naylor Love Canterbury