Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement | Portable Dust Monitoring

Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Project Results in Innovative Portable Dust Monitoring Kit for Adroit.

Working in one of New Zealand’s most challenging construction worksites has led Adroit to develop a New Zealand first – a portable real-time, wireless, environmental monitoring solution.
Christchurch Cathedral Reinstatement Project uses a PMK by Adroit

The Adroit PMK (Portable Monitoring Kit) was developed while supporting the Christ Church Cathedral Reinstatement Project in Christchurch New Zealand.

The much-loved building was rendered unstable in the February 2011 earthquake and left vacant for more than a decade, so the risk to workers entering the building from collapse, dust and build-up of waste from birds and vermin warranted careful planning.

To assess the risk from hazardous dust on the site, Adroit met with Environmental Consultancy ENGEO to discuss their needs. The appraisal revealed immediately that a traditional fixed sensor monitoring solution wouldn’t work for this project.

First and foremost, Adroit solutions usually rely on solar panels to power the sensor units, and as a fallback, an AC mains solution can be installed. Both of these options were impossible due to the nature of the site, with the interior being too dark for solar and no available AC power.

Mounting a fixed sensor within the Cathedral was likewise difficult due to the potential for falling debris – in fact, so unstable was the building that workers had to be craned into the site within a steel cage to protect them.

Portable Dust Monitoring Kit by Adroit
So, Adroit went back to the drawing board to create a portable battery-powered solution that could be tripod mounted on-site and could operate within the most extreme environments – and the Adroit PMK was born.

The Adroit PMK takes the tried and trusted Adroit environmental monitoring solution and combines it into a rugged case, ready for immediate use. The kit includes highly accurate optical sensors that can measure Particle Matter in the three key particle sizes: PM1, PM2.5, and PM10.

Data from the sensors is delivered to the Adroit cloud platform via the Spark Cat-M1 mobile network and visualised via the Adroit app from any connected device. Batteries provide up to 10 days operation and include a mains power connection for charging or powering the unit as desired.

Portable Dust Monitoring Kit has a rugged waterproof case
All this is housed in a rugged, waterproof case, so the kit is easily transported to site and set up where it is needed most, or moved around the site as required – as wind changes or the focus of site activity moves, for example.

Proactive dust monitoring on worksites helps ensure a safer, healthier environment for workers and the public.

Jen Dransfield, Health & Safety Advisor for Naylor Love Canterbury, the Main Contractor, Consultancy Services, for the reinstatement, says that the ability to access and visualise this data has been a game changer for the project.

The Adroit real-time data is awesome, as you can log in at any time and see how your work may be affecting air quality.

Health-wise, this was really helpful for providing on-demand reassurance to our workers who are in these environments every day – they want to know that their work environment is a healthy place to be.

For certain works, the Adroit solution gave us the ability to adjust our on-site controls at the work-face in response to what the data was telling us at any one time.

Jen Dransfield

Health & Safety Advisor, Naylor Love Canterbury

Adroit believes that the Adroit PMK portable solution comes at the right time for businesses in the construction sector, infrastructure or heavy industry.
Portable Dust Monitoring Kit used in the construction industry
Adroit CEO, Blair Stewart says that with increasing public concern over the impact of noise, dust and vibration, combined with stricter resource consents and health and safety requirements, construction businesses are stepping up their game in terms of worksite practices, real-time monitoring and compliance management.
The Adroit PMK portable solution puts accurate site data literally in the hands of construction business management in real-time, meaning environmental impact can be controlled, mitigations can be made, and the data supports compliance reporting and management processes.
Blair Stewart

CEO, Adroit

Key benefits:

Quick and easy set-up. Rugged case for transportation, various mounting options
Accurate measurements
Highly accurate optical dust sensors measure Particle Matter PM1, PM2.5, and PM10
Real-time monitoring
Get a clear view of the environmental dust levels from your site activity
Health and Safety
Operate a healthy and safe worksite for employees, communities and environments
Feature-rich app
Visualise the dust level from your site activity on any connected device. Customisable thresholds and alerts. Downloadable data and APIs for integration
Compliance management and complaint mitigation
Historic and real-time data to aid the management of compliance and complaint mitigation

The Adroit PMK Features

  • Portable, quick and easy to set up, operate and pack down
  • Optical dust sensor measures Particle Matter (PM 1, 2.5, 10)
  • Sensor measures continuously and transmits every 15 minutes
  • Sensor measurements stored in Cloud and view via Adroit App
  • Automatic wireless connection via the Spark Cat-M1 network
  • Rugged casing IP67 waterproof. (414 x 345 x 129 mm weight TBC)
  • Battery life operates for up to 10 days from fully charged
  • Battery charging from AC mains power (can be mains powered)
  • Threaded ⅝ mounting systems – tripod and optional wall mount
  • Suitable usage for all construction, civil and other worksites