Adroit Brings Environmental IoT Monitoring technology to Build NZ Expo

Adroit Brings Environmental IoT Monitoring to Build NZ Expo

Adroit is excited to return to Build NZ Expo/Facilities Integrate after a two-year COVID hiatus, bringing a whole new level of Environmental IoT monitoring technology for New Zealand business.

Adroit Environmental IoT at BuildNZ Expo

Build NZ Expo/Facilities Integrate is a trade-only exhibition for people who manage, secure, develop, design, influence and revolutionise New Zealand’s buildings and facilities. Adroit has previously participated in the event educating businesses about the potential IoT monitoring technology in the Building and Health and Safety sectors.

Adroit returns as the market leader in IoT-based real-time monitoring for all kinds of businesses and industries.

Environmental Monitoring Sensor Installation

Best-in-class Solutions Installed Throughout NZ

In the past two years, despite lockdowns, the company has installed exciting environmental monitoring applications throughout the country, measuring everything from waterway and water catchment monitoring, agriculture and aquaculture water quality monitoring, and urban and regional environmental monitoring.

When we first exhibited here we were talking about the potential of IoT and only had a couple of installations. Now we’ve got best-in-class solutions installed throughout the country, specialising in sectors such as agriculture, aquaculture and the construction sector

Guy Macpherson

General Manager, Adroit

Macpherson says over the past 12 months there has been a huge spike of inquiries from building, construction and deconstruction operators, as that sector responds to tough Resource Consenting and new legislation.

Adroit has been working with this sector to develop solutions to mitigate negative impact from noise, dust and vibration – common issues for the construction industry and up until recently, requiring manual testing with delayed results

Heavy construction environmental impact monitoring

Residential Worksite Monitoring

“Big construction projects require the use of heavy machinery on worksites within busy residential areas and these are governed by strict consent limits around the emission of dust, noise, and vibration from the site,” Macpherson says
“In the past, there were so many manual processes that could see a worksite closed down for a length of time while issues were investigated.

We’ve worked with industry leaders such as Dempsey Wood to develop Environmental IoT solutions for their worksites, these installations are successfully reporting data and giving them confidence in their reporting and mitigation systems
Guy Macpherson

General Manager

At the BuildNZ Expo, Adroit will be demonstrating this customisable site-specific worksite monitoring solution and talking about the potential for the sector.

The Adroit system is modular, cost-effective and scalable, using industry-proven sensors and can be run on AC or solar. Data from the sensors is transferred to the Adroit Platform via the Spark Cat-M1 network, where the Adroit Platform enables the visualisation of data – including alerts and notifications via email, and iOS and Android apps. APIs are available so data can be used on other platforms or databases.

Commercial environmental monitoring solution

Proven Real-time Monitoring Solutions

Macpherson says that Adroit is excited to be able to offer the industry a proven real-time monitoring solution but that it is only scratching the surface of what is possible.

“In only the past two years, this technology has made it possible to monitor worksites around the country from anywhere in the world, with live, real-time reporting possible from even the remotest locations.

“Adroit has innovation as part of its fabric and has recently developed portable dust monitoring kits for a nationwide engineering firm, and is putting the finishing touches on a packable mounting system to enable building companies to easily relocate fixed monitoring solutions to new worksites.

What Adroit will be showing in two years or even five years at Build NZ is going to be greater still and will change the way we all do business for the better
Guy Macpherson

About Adroit

Adroit develops solutions, not just for monitoring construction sites, but for all environmental monitoring applications, including waterway and water catchment monitoring, agriculture and aquaculture water quality monitoring, workplace environmental monitoring, and solutions for urban and regional environmental monitoring.