New Innovative Modular Adroit Smart Post for Easy Monitoring Installations

There’s more to a mounting post than meets the eye and the new Smart Post developed by the team at Adroit is an elegant solution to common installation problems.

Adroit installations for noise, dust, and vibration usually require a robust mounting post to facilitate sensors, field camera, antennas, solar panel, weather station or any number of equipment variations.

So, Adroit saw the need for a ‘smart post’ solution that could provide the perfect mounting platform for any Adroit installation, pre-prepared for all types of Adroit devices and equipment needed for environmental monitoring.

Adroit smart mounting post
In the past when our clients have done site preparation for noise, dust, or vibration installations, a challenge we often faced was trying to explain how we would like the mounting post set up.

What we found was that everyone had their own idea of what the post should be, and even though we showed plenty of photos and drawings of how we’d like it built, often we’d turn up, and it wouldn’t quite be the right thing.

Craig Brocas

Production and Installation Manager, Adroit

So, Craig and the Adroit team set out to provide an elegant and effective solution. The post needed to be economical to ship, easily adjusted for height and preinstalled with everything it was likely to need for efficient deployment.

The result is the Adroit Smart Post, a modular unit that sets the standard for IoT installations within New Zealand.

Key features include:

  • High visibility as part of an integrated Environment Monitoring solution
  • Modular posts 875mm long that allow the post to be deployed up to 4m in height
  • A base plate that can be mounted either to a concrete base, or one-ton concrete block
  • Predesigned for easy mounting of enclosures
  • Rotating solar panel mounting system
  • Weather station attachment
  • Noise level boom attachment
  • Mild steel galvanised and powder-coated post for durability and handling
  • Newly designed enclosures easily mount directly onto the posts so only one person is needed to install the enclosure, eliminating the need for two contractors
  • Designed to be easily packed onto a pallet and economically shipped
smartpost installation
Brocas says that the fitting of sensors to the post was also part of a careful design review – resulting in new enclosures with standardised plugs throughout the Adroit range.

“We’ve integrated most of our sensors into one enclosure for all. There used to be multiple enclosures that would have different sensors in them, but we’ve designed a standardised enclosure – so it doesn’t matter what’s in it, we can add the sensors we need.

Brocas says other innovations on the post include the new Adroit-designed solar panel mounting system, which is extremely robust and able to be installed into extremely high wind zones. “The unit can spin around 360 degrees depending on where the sun is and set up to the right angle to get the maximum sunlight throughout the year,” he says.

“And we also have a weather station attachment that goes straight onto the top, so we can extend that with a weather station pole, with the cable straight through the middle, which then plugs into the bottom of the enclosure,” he says.

Modularity of the pole allows for sensors to be positioned at optimum height to keep equipment away from ground level and out of harm’s way. Brocas says an installation would typically involve a three to four-section post, which would make it around three-and-a-half to four-and-a-half metres high depending on the block.

It’s important to get the enclosure and the sensors are high enough that you’re not going to have any issues with pedestrians or people who could potentially interfere with it.

Also, when it comes to our noise level sensors, we specify our boom to be three metres above the ground so away from reflective surfaces to capture clean data.

Craig Brocas

Production and Installation Manager, Adroit

Apart from functionality, the Adroit team also wanted an attractive solution
Smartpost Rotoiti
“It looks slick,” says Brocas.“ And has “environmental monitoring” signage on the post, which makes it clear to the public that the client has an environmental monitoring solution in place, which is usually seen as a good thing and a benefit to the environment. And, we’ve got an option where the base panel is marked up if it’s in a high visibility area, so no one drives into it,” he says.

The post’s first production run is now in stock and installations such as at the Wellington Port and Lake Rotoiti have proven efficient and cost effective.

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