Adroit and Timescapes Partnership Delivers the Ultimate Construction Monitoring Solution

Two leading construction technology specialists, Adroit and Timescapes have integrated their platforms to create the ultimate solution for worksite project visibility and environmental monitoring.

The partnership sees Adroit’s extensive range of industry-leading environmental sensors integrating with Timescapes’ timelapse and job site analytics technology platform. The result allows customers to automatically see essential environmental data on factors such as noise, vibration, dust and weather in the Timescapes platform and compare that data with high-resolution timelapse images.

Adroit CEO Blair Stewart says the partnership with Timescapes is exciting and provides significant additional client value to the Adroit product offering.

“Adroit has spent the past four years building capability in worksite and construction monitoring technology and providing important data to stakeholders through the Cloud.

Adroit and Timescapes Partnership Delivers the Ultimate Construction Monitoring Solution

“But while our data visualisations have been able to clearly report the date and time of a spike in noise levels for example, the actual source of the noise couldn’t always be identified. Now with Timescapes, seeing is believing, with photos showing exactly what was happening on the worksite at any given time,” he said.

Bringing Adroit’s real-time environmental data into Timescapes’ purpose-built app makes it quick and easy for the client to access and gain insights from the information and to use it for compliance, health and safety or stakeholder engagement
Blair Stewart

CEO, Adroit

environmental sensors integrating with Timescapes
Timescapes founder Chester Boyes agrees. “Our products are very well aligned – Timescapes’ traditional strength is on capturing visual data from construction sites, whereas Adroit is focused on collecting environmental data through its hardware, so I think it’s a natural fit between the two solutions.

The problem we’re solving is how to make data useful. The first part is capturing it, but how do you actually present it back to stakeholders, so it is both usable and valuable? We both provide different parts of that solution, so this is a great partnership

Chester Boyes

Founder, Timescapes

Over the past four years, Timescapes has developed leading timelapse and site analytics software and camera hardware, gaining support of businesses throughout New Zealand, Australia and Canada with leading Kiwi firms like Hawkins, Icon, Fletcher Construction, NZ Strong, HEB and CMP leading the charge.

In many cases, Timescapes has been running on the same worksites as Adroit, which prompted the collaboration.
“We’ve always had Timescapes on all our projects, and more recently have engaged with Adroit, subsequently suggesting a marriage of the two systems given the value we experience with them,” says Flinn Clark, Wellington Area Manager at CMP Construction.

“It helps that we can jump on and quickly flick through all the projects we’re working on and have a good understanding as to what’s occurring at any given time.”

“It keeps you involved and in control of that process – whether it’s in support of the foreman or the subcontractors or whether it’s for our own peace of mind to make sure that we’re comfortable with what’s happening. Building projects is the core of what we do, so we embrace the technology to support us in doing so.”

“And for our record keeping, the data is all logged with a full history of what’s happened on a site. It gives us the ability to look back and check and correct processes for the future, or use the data to celebrate the achievements,” he says.

environmental monitoring sensors
environmental monitoring installation
Clark says it’s easy to get addicted to the Timescapes feed and to find yourself going back often to check on progress. And when it comes to compliance, he says the combination of visual and sensor data makes it a lot easier.

“When it comes to compliance with the resource consent, what the Council requires is factual evidence. We can give them that at a click of a button. It’s not guesswork, it’s actually based on real evidence from a properly calibrated tool, not just an app on your iPhone or whatever it may be,” Clark says.

We’ve all got the information at our fingertips and that’s what we’re about
Flinn Clark

Wellington Area Manager, CMP Construction

Timescapes monitoring
The Adroit and Timescapes teams are now working together to integrate their services, firstly for construction clients and projects they have in common, then as add-on services to existing Adroit or Timescapes clients.

Blair Stewart says that the combined platform will be transformational for the Construction Sector.
“What we’re all wanting is safer, quieter, efficient and compliant worksites. We’re confident that Adroit and Timescapes can help make this a reality,” he said.

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