By 2025, 85 billion connected devices will be a testament to how far smart technology has arrived. IoT is a revolutionary technology that will change how we work in the future. It is the platform for future business.

Many businesses are playing around with IoT based solutions and estimating how it will change lives. It is the technology evolution that is influencing both small and large organizations.

From smart homes to driverless cars, things are becoming convenient and smart. We are using wearable technology, smart coffee machines, printers, smart whiteboards, Smart controlled Spa and Swimming Pools etc. seamlessly in our workspace and it is a slow transformation. Are you even realising this change? So, is it possible that your workplace is changing and operating in a smart way? How will IoT affect the modern workplace and benefit the employees?

How can IoT transform your workspace

Do more in less time

Can you smartly manage a large amount of work? In the future, the latest and greatest IoT developments will enable you to get more in less time. Imagine being able to fulfill large-scale tasks faster in less time and making fewer errors. In a technology eco-system, it will accelerate large scale product development. From inventory, SaaS management, data management, hardware development to sales, stakeholders will have more control over various segments of the business. When software, management systems, and tools are connected, it creates an opportunity to make things centralized, controlled and interconnected. Imagine a system with automated feedbacks and error reports; there is an advantage to control time and cost.

The ever-improving IoT connectivity allows businesses to more easily connect with their customers and clients, preventing potential problems and creating new revenue streams based on automatically collected feedback.

Reduce and save

Do you know 22% of Americans declare they intend to buy green tech products in the future? How can IoT potentially reduce energy wastage? Businesses are asking such questions because consumers are now drawn towards greener technologies more than ever. With the market drifting and moving towards cheaper and energy-saving green technology, there is an extraordinary opportunity to reduce energy consumption. A Los Angeles company reported a savings of 63% energy in a year by converting all of its street lights to connected LED lighting. This is a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to around 10,000 passenger vehicles. Imagine being able to put all your devices to night mode after working hours without pressing a button or before you start your day, you can control the heating system and time to effectively reduce energy. From solar blinds to smart floors, ideas are floating in the future technology market waiting to come to life. Such software solutions can elevate the possibility of a zero-waste green technology while maintaining a comfortable work environment.


Partnerships and collaborations

New businesses are benefiting from partnerships within the smart technology ecosystem. IoT based solutions are complex, and an experienced technology or channel based partnership is proven leverage in the market. Many new businesses and existing successful organisations are coming together to create life-changing IoT based solutions. This is a huge advantage for employees. Successful partnerships provide opportunity, assuredness and motivation to the employees for example World of Watson. Such collaborations are opening up gateways for employees to experiment with their current set of knowledge and up-skill to beat the competition. Not to forget the interesting possibilities of being able to connect all your company branches together and interact with them beyond a conference call. How about advanced technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality where your employees can not only join meetings but be ‘present’ in it?

IoT will make the workspace smart and connected. Adroit is an IoT based company with its unique platform to make traditional devices smart.