Smart Infrastructure

Key in urban sustainability.

We currently only have a glimpse of what IoT and smart infrastructure will eventually do for the benefit of urban environments. With populations globally migrating to cities, smart infrastructure plays a key role in urban sustainability. It creates efficiencies that reduce carbon footprint and communities where people can enjoy a healthy, productive work environment.

Smart infrastructure uses sensors embedded in infrastructure and the equipment it interacts with, the sensors deliver real-time data which is analysed and interpreted, sharing accurate information to infrastructure providers. Informed decisions regarding maintenance, design, performance and overall operational efficiency can then be implemented. Smart infrastructure aids sustainable urban planning and management, creating better environments for people to live and work in.

  • Smart Security
  • Smarter Toilets
  • Metering
  • Lighting
  • BeaSmart

Adroit’s real-time wireless Smart Infrastructure monitoring combined with IoT Platform provides numerous benefits over manual or semi-automated data collection and analysis. Adroit monitoring equipment can be installed in almost any location and provides accurate and reliable readings at user-selected intervals e.g. daily, hourly, every fifteen minutes.

Monitoring data is continuously transmitted to the IoT Platform where it can be correlated with information from other sources, displayed and graphed, and analysed for current and long term trend reporting. The IoT Platform data can be accessed by multiple users via web portal and mobile apps, and can be easily exported or shared with other systems via APIs.

See how IoT created these Smart business and environment solutions

Quality Control of Irrigation Water. Improved crop production with advanced water management

Quality Control of
Irrigation Water

Improved crop production with advanced water management
Enable Early Flood Detection. Save lives through early flood alerts

Enable Early Flood

Save lives through early flood alerts
Large Aquarium Water Monitoring. Large freshwater aquarium goes Smart for water quality control

Large Aquarium
Water Monitoring

Large freshwater aquarium goes Smart for water quality control

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IoT Solution Consultancy

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IoT Products

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Adroit IoT Platform

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IoT Network Connectivity

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