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Smart Air Monitoring

Air quality is a shared responsibility

Outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring can detect pollutants that affect people’s health, well being and productivity

Our lives depend on good air quality to survive, every year air pollution causes the premature deaths
of millions of people. It’s a growing global concern that affects people’s lives, sometimes without them even knowing it. Outdoor air pollution is easier to detect, you can often see it in the air as fumes, smoke or smog and is predominantly full of chemical pollutants, 80% of people living in urban areas breathe air that exceeds pollution limits advised by the World Health Organization. Indoor pollution is the real killer though, it affects workers health, general well being and their productivity. The ability to detect poor air quality both indoor and outdoors is paramount to ensure the ongoing health of people’s lives and their productivity in the workplace.

Adroit has real time monitoring solutions for all your indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring requirements. We utilise a wide range of case proven european Libelium hardware, that provide accurate and reliable measurements via connected IoT sensors. Data collected by the sensors is transmitted via the IoT network to our secure Adroit IoT Platform, enabling integration, reporting, and alerting via mobile, all from a simple and easy to use customisable dashboard accessible by any web device.

We have a wide range of configurable sensors to create solutions that meet your Air Quality Index (AQI) and Indoor Air Quality Index (IAQ) requirements, including weather station sensors for integrated or stand-alone solutions. We can manage your solution from end to end, including any custom design and build requirements, ongoing management services, maintenance and support. Outdoor air quality is an on-going global responsibility shared by all, indoor air quality is where management practices can make a big difference, effectively and quickly, talk to Adroit now for your next smart air monitoring solution.

Air dust sensor mounted on brick building
Air quality dust sensor components

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Reducing logistics environ-mental impact in Baltic Sea port
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Preventing Child
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