Smart Agriculture

Higher productivity and yields, increased sustainability.

The worlds’ population is constantly growing, creating a huge challenge for the agriculture industry to meet the ever-increasing human demands for food. Issues such as rising climate change, weather conditions, water supply and environmental impact all add to the growing agricultural problems. Agriculture is increasingly needing to make farms smarter, turning to technology, innovation and IoT to help combat these growing global concerns.

Smart agriculture integrates technology and IoT into existing farming practices, by creating support systems for decision making using real-time data. The data is collected by a variety of sensors that measure such variables as moisture content, water quality, fertiliser use, pesticides, temperature and soil compaction. Data is used to aid or make automated decisions, with the ultimate goal being higher productivity and yield quality, increasing sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

  • Smart Irrigation
  • Smart Water Quality
  • Smart Plaque Prediction
  • Smart Waste Water
  • Smart Fertilizers and Pesticides

Typical parameters and systems that we measure

  • Yield measurement systems
  • Extraneous and foreign bodies identification
  • System for milk quota
  • Collaborative spraying
  • Plant disease monitoring and forecasting for spraying
  • Weather monitoring
  • Remote machine control and diagnostics
  • Greenhouse management
  • Automated stable monitoring and control
  • Livestock disease monitoring
  • Livestock field monitoring and virtual fencing
  • Livestock biology monitoring to increase production

Adroit’s real-time wireless Agriculture monitoring combined with IoT Platform provides numerous benefits over manual or semi-automated data collection and analysis. Adroit monitoring equipment can be installed in almost any location and provides accurate and reliable readings at user-selected intervals e.g. daily, hourly, every fifteen minutes.

Monitoring data is continuously transmitted to the IoT Platform where it can be correlated with information from other sources, displayed and graphed, and analysed for current and long term trend reporting. The IoT Platform data can be accessed by multiple users via web portal and mobile apps, and can be easily exported or shared with other systems via APIs.

See how IoT created these Smart business
and environment solutions

Increase Strawberry Quality. Juicy, sweet, aromatic fruit on time to market

Strawberry Quality

Juicy, sweet, aromatic fruit on time to market
Increase Dairy Production. Milk production increased with temperature monitoring

Increase Dairy

Milk production increased with temperature monitoring
Predictive Control of Vineyards. Gain efficiencies, increase capacity and cost savings

Predictive Control
of Vineyards

Gain efficiencies, increase capacity and cost savings

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