Quality Control of Irrigation Water

Smart Water

Quality Control of Irrigation Water

Smart Water

The quality of irrigation water and correct management of water resources is a key factor in increasing crop productivity and efficiency.

Controlling and analyzing water before use for agricultural irrigation is crucial. Its quality may vary significantly depending on the time of the year, so frequent mea- surements are needed to maintain high quality standards. The “El Portal” irrigation dam, located on the Guadalete river (Spain) supplies many local farms with irrigation water and has Smart sensor nodes installed for water quality measurements.

The nodes measure levels of temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity every 30 minutes. The data is sent to proprietary software which allows monitoring of any kind of parameter – managing sensors, executing custom queries, managing users, reporting alarms and other operations. The main goal of the project is to reduce the costs of measurement and data network management, and to avoid manual processing that can lead to inaccuracy.

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