Predictive Control of Vineyards

Smart Agriculture

Predictive Control of Vineyards

Smart Agriculture

Smart agriculture technology enables a predictive vineyard management model to gain efficiencies

Pago (Spain) is a rural area which has unique characteristics in both its soil and microclimate, distinguishing and differentiating it from surrounding sites and vineyards. Pago wines are highly regarded by consumers, in the Spanish wine quality pyramid they rank at the highest level. To achieve this quality it is necessary to have accurate vineyard data for key operational decisions.

The objective of this project is to establish and model predictive behaviour patterns in the vineyard in terms of quality, production, biological cycles, potential pests, and diseases. To achieve this, Smart sensors measuring temperature, humidity (ground and air), pressure, soil temperature, rainfall, and wind direction and speed were placed in the vineyard. The collated data is sent by 4G directly to the cloud. The user can view the data in a values table or chart format and compare the same parameters on different dates.

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