Introducing EIDO: A Breakthrough in Organic Parameter Measurement

Adroit is excited to announce the latest addition to its arsenal of cutting-edge environmental sensors: the EIDO fluorometer from industry leader Proteus Instruments.
Designed as an affordable, real-time sensor platform suited for scale deployments, EIDO uses cutting-edge proFluor technology to measure organic compounds in water, including all coliforms, such as E. coli, phosphorus, faecal, tryptophan, chlorophyll A, and blue-green algae. EIDO’s capabilities also include measurement of key factors in water health including BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand), COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), and TOC (Total Organic Carbon). The release of EIDO follows on from the success of the award-winning Proteus multiparameter sensor, which Adroit has already successfully installed in locations throughout New Zealand to deliver accurate real-time environmental water monitoring data. But where its predecessor is able to measure an extensive range of water quality factors, for applications requiring specific organic parameter measurement, EIDO is designed to be a more affordable, targeted solution. Ulrich Frerk – Founder & Technical Director says that EIDO has the potential to revolutionise the way we monitor water quality, which is critical for human health and environmental sustainability.
What it means is we can now deliver a real-time E. coli sensor for much less cost than we have in the past. So it makes the uptake of the technology a lot easier to do at scale. Previously some of these compounds have been really difficult to measure and required a lot of labour to calibrate the devices. We can now measure optical ammonium, for example, with a calibration lifespan of 12 months instead of weekly. So it’s a game changer to be able to do these measurements in real-time, 24/7
Ulrich Frerk

Founder & Technical Director, Adroit

The core of EIDO’s technology lies in the advanced proFluor sensors utilising specific LED lights to excite particles in water and measure the spectral values of the reflected light. The proFluor system utilises the latest technology to combine low power consumption with the lowest minimum detection limits. These sensors are designed to provide the utmost accuracy. Depending upon the requirements of an application, users can choose from 5 or 7 optical sensors. Available in two sizes, the EIDO 30 provides turbidity, TSS, temperature and 2 fluorometers whilst the EIDO 35 provides turbidity, TSS, temperature and up to 4 fluorometers. Additionally, EIDO seamlessly integrates with Adroit’s existing systems, utilising the same code set as the standard Proteus sensor, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.
Organic Parameter Measurement
For more information on the EIDO sensor and its capabilities, contact Adroit, or your Spark Hub representative.