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Real-time Monitoring to Change Worksites for the Better.

Over the past three years Adroit has been working hard breaking new ground in real-time monitoring for the construction sector. We’ve been busy developing an arsenal of IoT technology based solutions to bring to any worksite, including real-time measurement of vibration, dust, noise, weather, and construction runoff, and our recent addition of geotechnical sensors including bore level and slope stability monitoring.

This means Adroit and our technology partners now have a monitoring solution for every scenario, including alerting stakeholders of potential breaches of noise limits or dust events, providing data to assist in public complaints, early warning of landslides, and many other construction challenges. The key factor is that our solutions are all reporting in real-time, are able to work remotely and continuously, and can be viewed 24/7 on any connected device.

As construction technology evolves and we work with more and more partners, that data can then be integrated into many other platforms, such as the Timescapes platform, or asBuilt for digital twinning. The technology of real-time monitoring solutions, data visualisation and reporting from any connected device is not the future anymore, it’s the here and now.

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