Large Aquarium Water Monitoring

Smart Aquaculture

Large Aquarium Water Monitoring

Smart Aquaculture

Europe’s largest freshwater aquarium utilises Smart water quality control to care for animals which are extremely sensitive to changes in environmental conditions.

Environmental degradation has put many marine species in danger of extinction, risking damage to the planet’s biodiversity. Aquariums are a great educational tool that can raise public awareness about the need to preserve the lives and habitats of aquatic animals. For fish to thrive, thorough and regular monitoring of various physi-cal and chemical parameters in the water is necessary.

In the Fluvial Aquarium of Zaragoza project, measurements at the freshwater aquar-ium and a terrarium are now taken several times per hour instead of once a day. The main goal of the water-monitoring project is to automate the measurement of phys-ical and chemical parameters in the tanks, improving the reliability and frequency of the data collected, and simplify the tasks of the aquarium staff.

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