Increase Dairy Production

Smart Agriculture

Increase Dairy Production

Smart Agriculture

Russian dairy farm increases their milk production 18% with IoT and Machine Learning

As global populations grow, achieving effective and efficient food production is not only an economic challenge, it’s a worldwide urgency. To help food producers cope with the challenges ahead, the Russian company ALAN-IT developed a dairy production management service supported on a cloud-based analytical service.

The service gives extra information about the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, pressure, cow health and other parameters. As a result, a correlation was found between temperature and nutrition. If temperature decreases in the farm, the cow’s needs for feed increases. The system warns about these changes and farmers receive notifications by mail or SMS. With proper feeding, milk yield rises. As a result, this smart farm now gets better figures; the savings in the feeding for 2000 dairy cows is €340,000 every 180 days.

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