Improve Corn Crop Efficiencies

Smart Agriculture

Improve Corn Crop Efficiencies

Smart Agriculture

Precision agriculture allows farms to control irrigation and improve fertilization strategies on corn crops

The EU will harvest this year between 62.5 to 65.5 million tonnes of corn. In recent years, the harvests have been lower than previous years due to the long drought periods.

With the installation of a wireless sensor network, farmers can now monitor soil and micro-local weather conditions, rain level, wind direction and intensity, air temperature, leaf wetness, soil moisture, and soil temperature at a depth of 0.5 meters. Farmers now know during growth stages which zones are more or less productive. The capability to update geo-referenced maps periodically, up to every 5 days, allows farmers to make decisions and monitor their effects in a very short time. This valuable information allows identification of zone variation in biomass up to 20%, location of areas that suffer water stagnation, and ability to define efficient irrigation systems that meet crops water requirements.

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