Control Cities Water Usage

Smart Water

Control Cities Water Usage

Smart Water

Smart City project in Castellón (Spain) creates a platform to control water usage and waste management

Castellón Smart City is a pilot project installed in the neighborhood of Pau Gumbau in Castellón de la Plana (Spain). The deployment takes place over an area that covers 222,000 sq/m where 8,000 citizens live and work on a daily basis, together with gardens, parks, schools and private & public buildings.

The project integrates 25 different kinds of sensors to measure and control data from different sources in order to obtain organized data for decision making. Sensors allow remote control of facilities by collecting data from water pipes, such as water height, flow, percentage fill, spill alarms and temperature. It indicates the exact evolution of the water level, collecting information automatically and detecting flood risks. The platform allows measurement of these and other parameters such as pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and many other water ions and chemicals such as Fluoride, Calcium, Nitrate and Chloride.

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