Achieve Precision Indoor Farming

Smart Agriculture

Achieve Precision Indoor Farming

Smart Agriculture

Information directly from crops achieves indoor precision farming for growing US medical marijuana industry

Medical marijuana plants require the precise balance of light, temperature, environmental and soil conditions. Growers need a sustainable way to manage and eventually scale their operations while tracking and adjusting changing growing conditions to improve crop harvests.

This project uses a wireless sensor network to build a connected farm able to monitor conditions in real-time with less manual intervention to save time and resources. The indoor farming system has monitoring parameters for environmental air quality such as temperature, humidity, methane, and CO2 levels. Soil and crop monitoring of solar radiation, leaf wetness and stem diameter, and water quality parameters of pH, Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) and salinity. Calcium, Chloride and Nitrates are also measured. Data can be analyzed over multiple crop cycles to identify the parameters of light, temperature, humidity and time that allow each crop to grow to its fullest capabilities.

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