Adroit on Show at the Spark ‘Accelerating New Zealand Businesses Forward One Technology Generation Report’ Launch

Adroit was proud to be part of a major Spark event in February, at the launch of the Accelerating New Zealand businesses forward one technology generation report, showcasing technology that could significantly improve New Zealand’s productivity.

The report jointly created by Spark and NZIER looked at the potential of AI in particular and how a 20 per cent uplift in advanced digital technologies could boost New Zealand productivity and increase industry output by up to $26 billion in the next decade. Adroit featured in two of the seven technology showcases, with IoT Fresh Water Monitoring and IoT Remote Slip Monitoring both having dedicated sets to demonstrate Adroit technology in action. Other showcases featured cutting-edge technology for healthcare, roading repair, sustainability and business productivity.
Adroit was proud to be part of a major Spark event in February
The Adroit Remote Slip Monitoring exhibit in particular attracted strong interest from media and business guests, with Adroit Founder Ulrich Frerk showing off a satellite-connected AWS Tiltmeter and live data from an NZTA installation. The installation, designed to monitor ground movement and potential slips onto State Highway 8 in the Lower South Island, has been operating now for six months, with all five meters showing some level of ground movement.
Adroit was proud to be part of a major Spark event in February
Knowing when a slip like this might happen is where the natural and artificial worlds come together. Previously, a geotechnical engineer had to take time-consuming measurements on remote sites. Now, real-time data from Tiltmeters can be analysed by artificial intelligence to alert road crews. “Real-time site monitoring can really aid in data-driven decision making and pro-active site management. With live data coming in it’s possible to decide on accurate mitigation work, such as de-watering the site. Or, digging certain amounts of trenches for drainage, which can help stop the slip from moving, all of these things help to keep New Zealand moving and the roads from closing” says Ulrich Frerk,

Also announced at the showcase was Spark’s new AI for Business Mini MBA programme in collaboration with Section, a world-leading business education platform founded by NYU Stern Professor Scott Galloway. This is the first time the programme is offered to a country-specific cohort, with 150 sponsored places for New Zealand business leaders.

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