Water into Wine? A Celebration of Water Monitoring Technology

Adroit chose International Water Day to taste some wine, celebrate an anniversary and to talk about miracles with water and technology.
It was a case of serendipity when Adroit brought together a number of key clients for a wine tasting on International Water Day recently.

The date coincided with Adroit’s 10-year anniversary as a specialist provider of environmental IoT solutions, and six months since Adroit became part of the Spark Business Group.

International Water Day and water technology.
It also coincided with the arrival of some ground-breaking technology that looks set to change the way businesses, agencies and the Government measure and monitor water and other environmental factors in New Zealand.

Real-time environmental data is the foundation of the Adroit business – providing solutions that enable clients to gather reliable and accurate real-time environmental data from almost anywhere in the field.

In recent months Adroit has expanded relationships with the world’s leading suppliers of geotechnical and hydrotechnical sensor technology to source exciting new tools to measure a wide range of factors, including real-time water quality, noise and dust levels, worksite vibration, ground tilt, groundwater levels, flood levels, flow levels, weather, air quality and more.

These new tools have seen Adroit in action in a broad range of industries and applications throughout the country including high-profile and meaningful projects such as:

  • Real-time monitoring in the Rotorua Lakes to detect toxic Blue Green Algae blooms to help manage the health of the lakes,
  • Satellite-connected Tiltmeters and Flood Detection in Gisborne as part of the East Coast Recovery work,
  • New Adroit developed Worksite Vibration Sensors to measure vibration at Auckland Airport,
  • Installing Iridium satellite-enabled E. coli sensors to monitor the health of lakes in the South Island
Armed with a constant stream of highly accurate environmental data at their fingertips, our clients have been able to make better decisions, achieve greater efficiency, increase automation of specific functions, improve compliance and reduce their carbon footprint.

The next step in data evolution is environmental intelligence, tools for analysing data that are set to take data-enabled decision-making to a new level – helping to identify trends and gain insights that enable faster, more proactive critical business decisions and actions.

Adroit’s new client analytics portal will be released in beta next month, and we’re working with key clients to integrate environmental data into systems, analytics tools and AI, so our clients won’t just understand the past, they’ll potentially be able to predict future patterns.

Having achieved some significant milestones and with the scale and vision of the Spark Group behind us, Adroit is keen to play a supporting role in improving New Zealand’s productivity, especially in the face of current economic headwinds.

clients for a wine tasting on International Water Day
Adroit’s key objective is growing the environmental data movement by making the technology easily available so industries can benefit from it and adopt it as best practice. To join us on that journey, we’re looking for partners who are keen to be part of some real technological change, to be educators and champions of Environmental IoT – and to take part in some exciting process disruption.

While the Adroit technology won’t quite deliver the proverbial ‘water into wine’, it will certainly tell you if there’s wine in your water, acidity in your river, or E. coli in your pond.

To find out more about Adroit’s real-time environmental monitoring solutions, talk to an Adroit consultant, contact your Spark representative