Spark NZ Partnership

Adroit and Spark NZ partner to provide next-generation IoT solutions.

“We will work in partnerships based around shared values, underpinned by the principles of kaitiakitanga and manaakitanga.”

Spark partners with Adroit IoT
Adroit speaks at Spark Innovation Studio
In 2021, Adroit and Spark NZ entered into a strategic partnership with the key goal of making real-time Environmental IoT monitoring technology accessible to businesses, Government, Councils, Communities and Iwi across New Zealand.

The successful partnership has grown to include Spark as a reseller of Adroit services, an IoT network provider, joint marketing partner, and cornerstone investor. Spark is also represented on Adroit’s board of directors.

Adroit’s Environmental IoT solutions are available nationwide via the Spark IoT team and Account Leads, who work alongside the Adroit sales team. The Spark team can provide information and advice on Adroit IoT solutions, which can be invoiced to a Spark business account.

Spark has a selection of Adroit IoT solutions on display at the Auckland based Spark Innovation Studio, promoting the technology nationwide via their Spark Innovation Studio Roadshow. Adroit’s Portable Monitoring Kits will be available from Spark Business Hubs in early 2023.

Adroit uses Spark’s Cat-M1 and NB-IoT nationwide network services for the majority of IoT solution implementations. However high volume sensor deployments also use Sparks LoRaWAN network. This multi-network approach enables Adroit to ensure the best technology is always deployed to meet client requirements.

Educating and promoting the benefits of IoT technology is a key part of the partnership, Spark and Adroit work together on selected marketing activities including expos, conferences,video case studies and digital campaigns.

Spark NZ’s recent and further investment in Adroit has enabled scaling of the Adroit business to provide increased focus on product research & development, growth of marketing and sales, and upscaling of capability for delivery and support of Adroit’s managed solutions.

Adroit and Spark NZ share the clear vision that technology will continue to play a critical role in how we adapt and transition to a more prosperous future. Being bold in business can have a positive impact on our people, the environment and our communities.

Bringing together our extensive Spark IoT networks, and leading industry experts coupled with Adroit’s technology and smart devices has seen more accurate real-time environmental data and business insights provided across a range of industries and environments

Tony Agar

General Manager, Spark Business Group Sales – North