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Poolboy Knows What Your Spa Needs

Poolboy is a Smart Device for your Spa Pool that means your Spa will always be ready when you want it. Poolboy gives you access and control – right on your smartphone – from anywhere in the world. Poolboy is currently connected to Davey SPA800 & SPA1200 Controllers, but can be ported to work with most spa pool controller brands, or standalone. Poolboy is ready, So contact us about taking poolboy to Market with us today.

Smart Control

With the convenience of voice control, our Poolboy app gives you full access to your spa from anywhere in the world. Meaning it’ll always be ready when you need it.

Smart Maintenance

Take the guesswork out of Spa maintenance. Poolboy knows when your Spa needs to be cleaned, notifying you when things need to be done.

Smart Usage

By analysing your usage, Poolboy automatically has your Spa set just the way you want – at exactly the times you use it.