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JUCEBOX transforms your existing analogue products into smart devices


JUCEBOX transforms your existing analogue products into smart devices
To drive the demand for manufacturer-agnostic hardware that connects and controls your existing devices and turns them into a truly intelligent system – we have JUCEBOX.
JUCEBOX acts as a central and manufacturer-agnostic hub to connect any smart device.

A lot of manufacturers have an App or UI of some sort to control their device, but these quickly become overcrowded as you buy different devices. JUCEBOX talks to all of them – no matter the platform – via our Universal Device Controller (UDC) that not only connects to devices but allows them to interact with each other.

The great thing about JUCEBOX is that it allows you to bring your device control with you – right on your mobile. You can have remote access. You’re no longer stuck having to be home if you want to turn off the lights or close the garage door. JUCEBOX solves the problem of limited connectivity between devices – not only in the home but in building control systems for industry.


What is JUCEBOX?

JUCEBOX is a digital device – an innovative multi-protocol engine capable of communicating and controlling IoT and smart devices in commercial, industrial and residential environments.

Running on its own Adroit Operating System (AdroitOS), JUCEBOX is a vision of bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) to life in dynamic and exciting ways, and with no limitations to connectivity.

Why JUCEBOX is the solution

JUCEBOX is unique in that it is designed to connect ALL devices across all platforms and protocols, immediately enabling communication between devices not originally designed to work together. That allows the JUCEBOX user the scope to create actions and interactions not possible through any other device or application.

With JUCEBOX, redundant systems become useful, isolated devices become connectable and duplication of technology is eliminated. Simply, JUCEBOX makes sense of the IoT.

Who is JUCEBOX for?

JUCEBOX is for those customers who want to plan to roll out a digital strategy for their existing product range.
These will include manufacturers of private or commercial appliances or products such as:

  • Spa Pools
  • Pools
  • Brewery Equipment
  • Coffee Machines
  • Tools
  • Construction Equipment
  • Agricultural sector

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