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Matching edge equipment to your system requirements.

Adroit has carefully selected a range of vendors whose equipment we know and trust.

A key component of IoT solutions is the edge equipment, which generally uses sensors to collect, and then transmit data to the IoT Platform. As the number of companies deploying IoT solutions has grown, so has the number of IoT equipment vendors and types of equipment available. As with most technology, IoT equipment ranges considerably in cost, with lower end equipment generally providing less features, accuracy and reliability, than higher end more expensive equipment.

When recommending equipment for client solutions, it is essential to understand the system requirements to ensure the equipment is fit for purpose. It is also important with deployments involving high quantities of remote devices, to ensure maintenance and support is included in overall solution costs.

Adroit has carefully selected a range of vendors whose equipment we know and trust, this enables us to match equipment with client requirements and deliver successful IoT solutions. In addition to purchasing equipment for Adroit IoT solutions, we also are distributors for Libelium.

Libelium Products & Distribution Services

Libelium sensor systems

Adroit is a partner to Spanish based Libelium, distributing their proven range of innovative, accurate, and reliable IoT products into the New Zealand market. Libelium has been in operation for over 10 years, focusing on global sustainability and building technology to improve the environment.

A key strength of Libelium products is the ability to support up to six sensors per device, which can in most cases be sourced from different specialist sensor manufacturers. Libelium supplies products ranging from Smart Parking, to Smart Water and Air Monitoring, to People Scanning and Smart Security. Please see here for more information.

Libelium waspmote plug and sense solar
Libelium Smart Water Sensor
Libelium Smart Environment Sensor

Libelium Custom Hardware Solutions

Libelium encourages customisation and vertical integration of its products through a Solution Provider accredited scheme. Adroit has extensive experience in the integration of Libelium products with 3rd party sensors and equipment, network services, and applications.


NetOp IoT Network Oporator

NetOp, designed in The Netherlands, provides a broad range of cost effective IoT devices both off the shelf and custom configurations based on minimum order quantities.

Adroit recommends NetOp devices where a low-medium cost option is preferred, and only one or two sensors are required per device. NetOp devices also run 5-10 years on replaceable AA/AAA batteries making them quick and easy to extend the device lifetime.

NetOp supplies IoT equipment to numerous large multinational technology companies including Orange and Vodafone in the UK.

NETOP sensor
NETOP Waste Bin sensor
Temp humidity sensor

Dragino Products

Dragino Sensors

Dragino is based in Shenzhen China and has specialised in the design and manufacture of IoT equipment since 2010. They supply reliable and cost effective OEM equipment to IoT solution providers worldwide. Adroit deploys Dragino equipment in applications that require high quantities of cost-effective sensors, an example being LoraWAN soil moisture sensors.

Dragino LSE01 sensor
Dragino LDDS75 sensor
Dragino RS485-LN sensor

In-Situ Products

In-situ sensors

In-Situ is a US company founded in 1976 and based in Colorado, USA. In-Situ specialises in the design and manufacture of high performance, innovative water monitoring solutions, which they distribute to clients worldwide.
Adroit often recommends the use of In-Situ products in situations where multiple sensors are required, this suits the use of In-Situ Sondes, which accommodate up to four sensors.

In-situ aqua troll 100
In-situ aqua troll 400
In-situ troll 500 sensor

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