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Gill Instruments

Professional weather stations

Gill Professional weather stations
Gill Professional weather stations

Gill Instruments

Professional weather stations

weather stations featuring rugged sensor construction suited to New Zealand’s harsh weather

Professional weather stations featuring rugged sensor construction perfectly suited to New Zealand’s harsh weather conditions.

Gill Instruments, with headquarters in Lymington, UK, has more than twenty years experience in the supply of high quality ultrasonic anemometers and accessories for accurate wind speed and direction measurement. Gill Instruments has an extensive range of ruggedly constructed ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensors, the elimination of moving parts has removed the need for routine maintenance, making Gill sensors ideal for operation in all environmental conditions. Gill Instruments long term product development process, including robust field testing, coupled with their high quality sensors has made Gill the global leader in the supply of equipment for ultrasonic airflow measurement.

Adroit utilises Gill Instruments weather stations to create end to end IoT solutions for weather monitoring. The secure and scalable Adroit Platform can connect with any number of Gill weather stations to provide weather monitoring solutions for any application or industry. With Gill’s rugged sensor construction, our solutions are particularly suited to New Zealand’s variable and often harsh weather conditions. The powerful Adroit Platform includes easy to use interfaces, featuring customisable dashboards with reporting and alert notifications, that can be accessed from any web connected device including mobile.

Gill weather station sensors

Total List of Parameters

Wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative / absolute humidity, pressure, precipitation, solar radiation, GPS 3D coordinate / MSL (Mean Sea-Level) pressure / true wind / clock / longitude and latitude / sunrise / sunset / twilight, ground speed, compass, 2D coordinate/apparent, wind, location, height above sea level, averaging (World Meteorological Organization), gust (World Meteorological Organization), air density, barometric pressure, wet bulb, dew point, wind chill, wind data quality %, heat index and more…


MaxiMet is an advanced compact weather station designed and manufactured by Gill Instruments using proven technology to measure meteorological and environmental parameters to international standards. MaxiMet incorporates all the measurement parameters that meet the requirements of users in demanding applications where cost, quality and performance are essential.

With features such as wind, precipitation, solar radiation, temperature, humidity, pressure, low power ‘Eco Mode’, GPS, compass and many more, MaxiMet is unique in its ability to provide the widest range of measurements and output protocol options. This makes the system easy to install and use, with zero maintenance needs.

Gill Instruments weather stations connected to the Adroit Platform can provide end to end IoT solutions for a wide range of weather monitoring applications, across almost any industry or environment use case. Adroit offers control and management services including any maintenance and installation requirements needed.

Gill MaxiMet weather stations integrate to the Libelium Agriculture Xtreme controller then connect via the IoT network to the Adroit Platform.

Gill MaxiMet weather stations are made of high-quality reliable instruments and range in price from $1,500 + GST to $7,000 + GST. (excluding Libelium controller)


Libelium and Maximet weather station sensors
Waspmote Plug & Sense! Smart Agriculture Xtreme

Examples of applications include


Building and Industrial Controls

Safety and Environment

Green environmental controls, intelligent building management, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), environmental monitoring, risk mitigation, decision making, planning, resources management, pollution control.

Authorities Statutory Obligations

Statutory Obligations

Flood management, recreational activities, safety and environmental management, parks and recreational facilities.


Land, Sea and Air

Railways, harbours, roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, helipads, inland waterways.


Onshore and Offshore

General marine usage, ports and harbours, flood management, commercial and domestic usage.


Farming and Research

Cultivation and management of plants and animals, crop spraying, greenhouse controls, hydroponics, aquaponics, biotechnology, pest control, automated systems, forecasting.


Event Management

Theme parks, scaffolding, ride safety, temporary installations.


Schools and Colleges

Educational weather stations, green energy projects, schools, universities, museums, visitor centres, cultural sites.


Extreme Weather

Insurance risk management, integration with complementary technology, e.g dust and noise.


Solar, Wind and Wave

Site profiling, yield monitoring, forecasting, automated controls.

Talk to Adroit today to find out how the Adroit Platform coupled with Gill Instruments weather stations featuring ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensors, can create IoT solutions for all your weather monitoring needs.