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Cloud Applications

Adroit develops Cloud applications, that are used to make internet devices smart.

We design custom cloud solutions for our customers. Our capability to work with both hardware and software makes us more flexible in terms of providing solutions to our customers. Our custom cloud applications can collect data from remote IoT devices. We have experience in secure data collection, data management, data warehousing and data analytics. Our backend services process the data and perform analytics and machine learning to help our customers make informed business decisions. The backbone of our backend and database services is built on Amazon Web Services. AWS provides us with the advantage of spinning out backend services based on the geolocation of our clients with ease. Our customers can access their data through a user-friendly web app, mobile app or through our Adroit Platform Portal. Alternatively, If the client requires in-house data processing, we also provide APIs to access the data.

Fast response to business needs.

Cloud applications can be updated, tested and deployed quickly, providing your business with fast time to market and agility. This speed can significantly improve business operations.

Simplified operation.

Because we use AWS there is no Infrastructure management, this reduces cost and time to market.

Instant scalability.

As demand rises or falls, available capacity can be adjusted dynamically and instantly to meet the changes of your business.

Adroit API use.

Our AWS backend data and storage services can be accessed with application programming interfaces (API’s) Cloud applications can be use APIs to hand data to applications or API-based back-end services for processing. This data can then be sent to any device with an internet connection.