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Bridging the gap between infrastructure and the people who are blind or have low vision

Beasmart is a dynamic beacon with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology that can be installed in a variety of settings, including both public and private infrastructure. It seamlessly interacts with devices like mobile phones and enables a wireless, two way communication exchange, allowing personalised information and functionality for all users, particularly those facing additional challenges, such as people with disabilities or those with language difficulties. This two way communication allows the user to control connected infrastructure.

Interact wirelessly with public infrastructure

It is the first of its kind, as current beacon-based Bluetooth systems are simply broadcasters. This means they lack the ability to interact with users and the conveying of information goes just one way, instead of back and forth. Current beacon-based systems also can’t be integrated into existing private and public infrastructure, whereas Beasmart can be installed where this kind of interaction is sorely needed, such as pedestrian crossings or bus shelters.

Beasmart Device for Pedestrians

STEP 1 – Locating and homing to crossing

Using audio tones, a user can be guided to the pedestrian crossing at pole 1

STEP 2 – Remotely activate the crossing

User is prompted to activate the pedestrian button remotely once they are within range of pole 1

STEP 3 – Remotely notify the user it is safe to cross

The homing tone from pole 2 guides the user to the other side of the street

STEP 4 – Clearance Warning

The user is given feedback as the crossing phase is nearing the end, a tone is activated from pole 2 helping guide the user to their destination Note: Traditional pedestrian noise from existing infrastructure is designed to stop when the user is halfway across the road, to stop new user initiating crossing when -time is limited. However this means there is no homing tone for the blind user, Beasmart solves this.

STEP 5 – Crossing Complete!

The possibilities are endless

Beasmart can be integrated with a wide range of public infrastructure.