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adroit fever kit

Contactless fever detection,
helping New Zealanders
get back to work safely.

Fever occurs in 88% of COVID-19 cases

The adroit Fever Scanner is a fast, accurate and automated device that enables organisations to detect individuals showing signs of fever preventing them from entering premises where they could potentially infect others with COVID-19, or other viruses.


A high temperature is a known symptom of Covid-19, so monitoring of employee temperature is a key action business can take to protect their workplace. The benefits of the adroit Fever Scanner compared to handheld thermometers is that it is automated, faster and more accurate, and uses a simple pass or fail system. The adroit Fever Scanner does not require a person to operate it, which improves efficiency and removes the need for someone to be responsible for the pass or fail decision.
The adroit Fever Scanner has wireless connected options that send data to a cloud platform for reporting and alerting. This is important for organisations who wish to store and report on scanning results..

Simple usage

Individuals simply place their forehead in front of the thermometer scanner, within five seconds the detector takes three measurements, comparing them to acceptable temperatures ranges, then displays a clear green (pass) or red light (fail) via LED at the base of the unit. An audible buzzer can also be activated for fail results.
  • Automated, accurate, fast and contactless fever scanning
  • Does not require a staff member to operate or decide the result
  • Detects high temperature and provides a clear pass/fail result
  • Each fever scanner can screen up to 500 people per hour
  • Alerts employee and management via red/green light and buzzer
  • Optional wireless connectivity, cloud platform, reporting and alerts
  • Data stored securely in AWS for compliance
  • Integrating with existing systems via API’s

Multiple applications

The adroit Fever Kit is suited to any organization wishing to create a safer environment by detecting individuals that display fever symptoms higher than 38 degrees celsius, a key sign of Covid -19 and other viruses. Businesses, schools and institutions can increase the protection of employees and pupils by fever screening, to effectively create safer environments for work and study. A variety of applications could include the following
  • Private companies
  • Public buildings
  • Hospitals and health centres
  • Schools, universities and libraries
  • Nursing homes
  • Theatres, cinemas, museums and auditoriums
  • Conventions and exhibition centres
  • Hotels, hostels, campgrounds and spa resorts
  • Courts and tribunals
  • Airports, train and bus stations
  • Shopping centres and supermarkets
  • Sports centres, stadiums and gyms
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Cathedrals, churches and worship centres
  • Charity canteens and hospices

How it works

  1. Individuals place their forehead in front of the thermometer scanner

  2. Three measurements are taken within five seconds and compared to acceptable temperatures

  3. A clear pass (green light) or fail (red light and buzzer) to indicate fever

  4. Optional connectivity via the cloud with reporting, alerts and data compliance

What’s in the kit

The portable kit is IP66 weather-resistant, and operates on a rechargeable battery for 12 hours or can
be plugged into mains power. The scanner is an industrial-grade thermometer which provides higher
accuracy than handheld devices (+/- 0.2° c at 13 cms).

Kit list

  • Libelium Plug & Sense connected/non connected
  • Infrared radiometer sensor probe: Apogee SI 411
  • Mounting bracket/stand
  • Associated cables
  • 240 v New Zealand wall plug
  • LED indicator light
  • Audible buzzer
  • 12-month warranty

Starting from



Adroit offers discounts for 5+ unit purchases
Equipment leasing over 12 or 24 months

adroit Fever Scanner device that detects signs of COVID-19

PLEASE NOTE: The components are sourced from international suppliers and are on a limited supply! Orders will be fulfilled on a first-come-first-served basis. Delivery from mid-June.

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