The world stands at the edge of the greatest technology revolution in history which will connect us to each other and our machines in ways that few us can even envisage. And for business, this revolution will mean freedom for some and disruption for others as we all try to make sense of the tidal wave of change that lies ahead. This is where Adroit comes in.
We want our existing devices to work in today’s world, for them to be accessible and interact with them through smart devices.

Our vision is to help you connect your products so that they can be interacted with in simple and intuitive ways. With no limitations to industry, scope or connectivity. We make your existing products accessible in a modern world, allowing you to understand your customer’s usage so you can better understand how to move forward with development and marketing.

We also integrate your products with all of the today’s modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, image recognition, augmented reality as well as voice and gesture control.

We help you develop digital strategies for you to gain competitive advantages in your market.

About us

Adroit (previously called JUCEBOX) was created by Ulrich Frerk, New Zealand’s leading Smart Building Installer, a visionary on connected devices and the potential for them to change our lives. He was frustrated at the inability of different devices to communicate with each other and set out to solve the connectivity and installation issues within existing home and building control systems. Ulrich’s vision was to make all devices connectable so they can be controlled from a single screen.

With that in mind in 2014, he created a team dedicated to bringing existing products to life – adding usability and accessibility while collecting data for analysis – giving clients the ability to better understand their products and their users. That vision became Adroit, a business devoted to making your products smart. Adroit is currently enabling devices across a broad range of industries.

If you want your devices to become part of the future and not machines of the past, contact Adroit.

Your World. Smarter. Contact us for more information.