What is nibbl?

nibbl is a modular hardware platform that allows you and your end customers to:

  • Securely manage and control devices and products remotely via phone app or the web
  • Collect usage data from devices and analyse the data to predict maintenance requirements
  • Collect environmental & energy usage data to create and more efficient/smarter products and solutions

Why nibbl?

The nibbl platform can be customised to your exact requirements, allowing it to interface with your product(s) in the manner you require. It will allow your end customers to monitor/control your device from anywhere in the world or from the comfort of their lounge. The nibbl platform opens up new interfaces to your product including Web, iOS, WatchOS, CarOS, Android.


  • Now create a SaaS service for your product(s)
  • nibbl lets you open up new revenue streams for your business
  • Get nibbl and create cost savings by reducing costly travel to remote locations
  • You can better understand your customers and therefore build better products with nibbl