How can IoT transform your workspace?

By 2025, 85 billion connected devices will be a testament of how far smart technology has arrived. IoT is a revolutionary technology that will change how we work in the future. It is the platform for future business.

Many businesses are playing around with IoT based solutions and estimating how it will change lives. It is the technology evolution that is influencing both small and large organizations.

Spa Pool Automation and Control by Adroit

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From smart homes to driverless cars, things are becoming convenient and smart. We are using wearable technology, smart coffee machines, printers, smart whiteboards, Smart controlled Spa and Swimming Pools etc. seamlessly in our workspace and it is a slow transformation. Are you even realising this change? So, is it possible that your workplace is changing and operating in a smart way?  How will IoT affect the modern workplace and benefit the employees?

Do more in less time

Can you smartly manage a large amount of work? In future, the latest and greatest IoT developments will enable you to get more in less time. Imagine being able to fulfill large-scale tasks faster in less time and making fewer errors. In a technology eco-system, it will accelerate large scale product development. From inventory, SaaS management, data management, hardware development to sales, stakeholders will have more control on various segments of the business. When software, management systems, and tools are connected, it creates an opportunity to make things centralized, controlled and interconnected. Imagine a system with automated feedbacks and error reports; there is an advantage to control time and cost.

The ever improving IoT connectivity allows businesses to more easily connect with their customers and clients, preventing potential problems and creating new revenue streams based on automatically collected feedback.

Reduce and save

Do you know 22% of Americans declare they intend to buy green tech products in the future? How can IoT potentially reduce energy wastage? Businesses are asking such questions because consumers are now drawn towards greener technologies more than ever. With the market drifting and moving towards cheaper and energy saving green technology, there is an extraordinary opportunity to reduce energy consumption. A Los Angeles company reported a savings of 63% energy in a year by converting all of their street lights to connected LED lighting. This is a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to around 10,000 passenger vehicles. Imagine being able to put all your devices to night mode after working hours without pressing a button or before you start your day, you can control the heating system and time to effectively reduce energy. From solar blinds to smart floors, ideas are floating in the future technology market waiting to come to life. Such software solutions can elevate the possibility of a zero waste green technology while maintaining a comfortable work environment.

Partnerships and collaborations

New businesses are benefiting from partnerships within the smart technology ecosystem. IoT based solutions are complex, and an experienced technology or channel based partnership is a proven leverage in the market. Many new businesses and existing successful organisations are coming together to create life changing IoT based solutions. This is a huge advantage to the employees. Successful partnerships provide opportunity, assuredness and motivation to the employees for example World of Watson. Such collaborations are opening up gateways for employees to experiment with their current set of knowledge and up-skill to beat the competition. Not to forget the interesting possibilities of being able to connect all your company branches together and interact with them beyond a conference call. How about advanced technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality where your employees can not only join meetings but be ‘present’ in it?

IoT will make the workspace smart and connected. Adroit is an IoT based company with its unique platform to make traditional devices smart. The company is collaborating with a modern tech focused workplace called The Tech Bunker to make the above reasons possible effectively. Sounds like something you like?

IoT Opportunity ‘Immense’ says Adroit




According to the recent IoT Alliance report, New Zealand companies are reluctant to roll out Internet of Things services, despite the country’s preparedness and potential economic gain from the technology.


One of the key results from the report said;  “The research showed 70 percent of New Zealand firms are in the process of preparing strategies for the new technology in the belief it will be ‘transformational or strategic to their business’, however just 14 percent have actually deployed solutions with investment typically held back by a lack of understanding of the benefits by senior executives, concern over being tied to proprietary systems, the fast-moving pace of technology, and a lack of clarity over privacy provisions.”


Adroit founder and CEO Ulrich Frerk says that this conservative approach is alarming and will see New Zealand manufacturers playing catchup with their overseas competitors.


“This disappointing statement suggests that New Zealand businesses stand to lose ground as the world embraces exciting new technologies that will revolutionise how we interact with our homes, businesses and all the devices therein,” Frerk says.


Adroit is one New Zealand business not only embracing the IoT but creating transformational technologies that allow other companies to rapidly upscale their products to be ‘smart’ and ‘connected’.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting businesses, governments, and consumers and transforming how they interact with the world. Companies are going to spend almost $5 trillion on the IoT in the next five years — and the proliferation of connected devices and a massive increase in data has started an analytical revolution.


Also, there have been motivating forecasts, for example, there will be a total of 22.5 billion IoT devices in 2021 and that there will be $4.8 trillion in aggregate IoT investment between 2016 and 2021.


As a true believer in future technology, Frerk feels that there is so much happening in the technology space which is still not getting the voice it needs.


“We think the opinion stated in the report is a touch flat-earthish in its viewpoint and that business fears of ‘threats’ of privacy breaches, hacking or obsolescence are drastically overstated.


“We are sure that even IoT sceptics are owners and users of smartphones that potentially expose users to the same security issues mentioned in other items in the story – subject to the same multi-page contractual agreement and proprietary software issues described in relation to other IoT devices.


“Yet, that smartphone is the best example of an IoT device ever created; connect wirelessly to an Apple TV and use it to stream video or music to your television, connect to any manner of Bluetooth devices and the world is at your fingertips. And if Adroit has its way, connect to your spa pool and control it from anywhere, being alerted to pool failures, overheating or fire, from anywhere in the world – an excellent reason to embrace the IoT!


“For us, at Adroit the IoT is a stunning, exciting proposition, with enormous prospects for personal freedom, the opportunity to create home environments that once were the fantasy of James Bond movies.

“Perhaps along the way, there is the prospect of the occasional rogue ‘smart’ hairbrush or refrigerator, but the positive opportunities for humanity are much more profound than that.


“The choice is yours, but however you decide to absorb this report, you give yourself a powerful advantage in business if you expand your understanding of the IoT, and keep your mind open to the possibilities,” Frerk said.

Adroit, NZ Tech innovation company, partners with Australia’s leading Water Product Company


Technology company Adroit (formerly JUCEBOX) has entered into an agreement with Davey Water Products to develop smart technology for its leading range of spa and swimming pool pumps.

Davey is Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading water products company with a product portfolio that includes commercial pumping, irrigation, and commercial pool markets.

Adroit is an Auckland based tech innovation company focussed on building leading edge smart home device-enabling technology.

Adroit technology not only allows a spa pool to be controlled remotely from anywhere via an app, voice or gesture controls, it also provides important user data back to the manufacturer to allow product improvement and to monitor warranty issues. Its unique hardware device nibbl™ has been specifically designed to monitor and control spa pools, including chemicals, filters, and other features, ensuring the improved personal health and extended longevity of the product, solving the problems that consumers have and simplifying how you use and maintain your spa pool.

The partnership with Davey will allow Adroit to continue the development of nibbl, to prove effectiveness in the marketplace and support Davey to maintain its market leadership position.

Adroit founder Ulrich Frerk says that the partnership is a perfect alignment of technologies.

“Davey Water Products is the leader in pump technology in Australia and New Zealand and we are delighted to be able to partner with them to create the world’s smartest spa pools.”

“We have developed unique technologies that can enable all kinds of machines to utilise the latest online technology, Artificial Intelligence and more with our AdroitOS

“With the digital marketplace booming, the IoT becoming a household word and everyone wanting to integrate an ever expanding list of devices and technologies, Adroit has the opportunity to be a leader in this tech sector,” Frerk said. 

Davey New Zealand general manager, Bruce Chave, says that the company is excited by the partnership and the potential of what Adroit could allow their products to do.

“Davey Water Products is recognised for its high-quality products for transfer, conservation, treatment and filtration of water.”

“The sky is the limit”, he said.

Adroit expects nibbl enabled spa controllers to be in-market by mid-2018.


For further information, contact

Ramandeep Kaur, Marketing Head, ADROIT, 0276668804

Adroit selected as finalist in AUT Business School Excellence in Business Support Awards

Adroit has been selected as a finalist in the 2017 AUT Business School Excellence in Business Support Awards.

Recognised for excellence in the Colab Design and Creative Technology Support category, Adroit will join finalists across 11 categories at this year’s awards.

“We’re delighted to be part of the event and excited to be a finalist so early in our company’s history,” said Ulrich Frerk, CEO & Founder of Adroit.

“AUT has been a big supporter of the New Zealand technology ecosystem and being selected for these awards is enormously encouraging,” he said.

Now into their twelfth year, the AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards is the only national performance measure for New Zealand business support organisations.

AUT Business School Acting Dean, Professor Kate Kearins congratulates all the finalists in this year’s awards.

“We value our connections with businesses big and small who make the difference every day in supporting other businesses.

“We salute the individuals who inspire excellence,” says Kearins.

Winners of the eleven category awards and the supreme award will be named at a gala dinner on 4 October.

For more information please contact Ulrich Frerk, 027 666 5505,

NZ Tech innovation company rebrands as ADROIT

NZ Tech innovation company JUCEBOX has rebranded as ADROIT, as a result of the company’s rapid expansion into a unique niche of ‘smart-enabling’ devices and systems.

The rebranding was conceived to reflect the company’s vision of becoming a leading global enabler of technology.

“The more business we won, the more we realised that our key ability was not about building one device to connect everything, but about a unique ability for enabling existing devices and providing the systems to manage, monitor and derive important consumer information from them,” says ADROIT founder Ulrich Frerk.

ADROIT was created by Ulrich Frerk, New Zealand’s leading Smart Building Installer, a visionary on connected devices and the potential for them to change our lives. He was frustrated at the inability of different devices to communicate with each other and set out to solve the connectivity and installation issues within existing home and building control systems.

Ulrich’s vision was to make all devices connectable so they can be controlled from a single screen. With that in mind in 2014, he created a team dedicated to bringing existing products to life – adding usability and accessibility while collecting data for analysis – giving clients the ability to understand their products and their users better. That vision became Adroit, a business devoted to making your products smart.

The company has emerged from the startup scene into a successful business venture, achieving partnerships with leading New Zealand hardware and tech giants – all within three years of inception. The company’s mission is to make lives simpler and more connected with the rise in tech innovation around the world.

“The world stands at the edge of the greatest technology revolution in history which will connect us to each other and our machines, in ways that few us can even envisage,” Frerk says.

“For business, this revolution will mean freedom for some and disruption for others as we all try to make sense of the tidal wave of change that lies ahead. This is where Adroit comes in.”

Adroit is currently enabling devices across a broad range of industries and has recently created an innovative space, The Tech Bunker in Auckland’s CBD.

Watch our launch video now [click to view]

Don’t judge a book by its cover

We know that great things can happen when creative ideas are put into action. Our brains function best in a flexible, creative and competitive environment. That is how we like to develop life-changing products at ADROIT. After all, it is only with a culture where you can think, hack and crack difficult IT concepts that great inventions take place. You may want to check out our nibbl platform to understand out why we love being bold and creative. But enough about us. There is a reason to talk about hacks and the people behind them.

Our Chief Cook and Bottlewasher (and an awesome guy), Mark Lloyd, attended the AR/VR Garage Meetup last week in Auckland. He is pretty active when it comes to attending such events, talking to people and hunting out all the great things happening in the NZ Tech space. One of the many interesting things we discovered at this particular event was the innovation taking place within Datacom and how, apart from its usual business lines, it is challenging and reshaping the minds of its employees. The company is traditional in its structure and works with big businesses and government agencies to solve their data problems. Pretty standard stuff. But do you know it is also encouraging its employees to innovate during company sponsored all weekend hackathons? The event is open to all Datacom employees to present different ideas and concepts possible in the IT industry and hack them into existence. Excellent innovation!!

They are open to work together as a team, think creatively and prepare a concept or product which is tangible, unheard of and life changing. We can only imagine the pressure, intensity and unnerving energy of the place. It must be heaps of fun. And, well, ADROIT is tempted to pitch in as well.

We were excited about Datacom’s hackathon concept. Particularly as it’s being embraced by a more traditional IT-based service provider and it’s not what we usually expect from such organizations. When large organizations make efforts to allow space for hungry and curious technology lovers to exist, we can expect ground-breaking ideas. And their work with the HoloLens from Microsoft is a proof of that.

The industry needs such initiatives to tap its full potential. There are many minds unexplored and ideas untouched due to companies that don’t understand innovation or don’t allow the structure to support it.

The NZ Tech space, especially the big players need to step up and organize such events. It will be a great opportunity for startups, entrepreneurs, and small organizations as they will get to team up and compete with the big players.  From discovering better tools to nurturing super talent, we can only imagine the outcome of it. What do you think about it? Do you feel your startup needs this boost? Do you have some great concepts already looking for an open door? Let ADROIT know.  We love to meet super minds with the same passion as ours, especially in a place least expected. Don’t judge a book by its cover.