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Australasia leading water products company

ADROIT is working with an Australia and New Zealand's international water products company, to develop smart technology for its leading range of spa pools.

ADROIT technology will not only allow a spa pool to be controlled remotely from anywhere via an app, voice or gesture controls, it will also provide important user data back to the manufacturer to allow product improvement and to monitor warranty issues. Its unique hardware device has been specifically designed to monitor and control spa pools, including chemicals, filters and other features, ensuring the improved personal health and extended the longevity of the product.

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Micro Brewery Automation

We teamed with a NZ based micro brewery manufacturer to develop an application to monitor every stage of the brewing process

With this application there users can ensure they create the perfect brew every time.

More details coming soon

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ADROIT is powered by a balanced team of entrepreneurs and business professionals, all of whom bring important skills, talent and experience to the table.

Ulrich Frerk


Visionary technology entrepreneur, highly experienced tech integrator, integration engine KNX expert.

Mark Lloyd


Experienced IT Professional with Networking & Software Design experience, Analytics & Automation

Simon Werner


R&D Head, quality experience in developing and implementing R&D strategy to support ADROIT strategic needs.

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